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The Residents of Hinata Inn and The Whole Hinata


Keitaro's grandma and Haruka's mother who owns the Hinata Sou. She appears only in several seconds... a very short time, yet enough to tell us that without her, the love story between Keitaro and Narusegawa would never happen. As she decided to leave Hinata to go somewhere on earth, Keitaro's called to substitute her role as the kanrinin (manager) of Hinata Sou.



Keitaro's rival to get Narusegawa (after Seta Noriyasu). This guy is cool and handsome, but sometimes he's misscalled "Sakata Keitaro". He first appeared as a rich young boy who's keen on getting Narusegawa, but later ended up as Haruka-san's assistant. What a poor man, huh? Anyway, maybe he's really an expert in love. Keitaro may get one or two lessons from him...



One is a fatty short guy... the other's a thin tall guy... that's how I describe these goofy couple. Shirai and Haitani are Keitaro's best friends since high school. They also failed the entrance exam just like Keitaro. Although they try to be helpful to Keitaro (especially to get him closer to Naru's heart), but in fact they just make things worse.



This cute hot spring turtle is Mutsumi's beloved "pet". She gave Tama-chan to Keitaro and Naru after their long trip to Okinawa. It seems to be a female one, and "she" always join the girls enjoying the hot spring in Hinata Sou. Surprisingly, Motoko fears this little one very much. How could a kendo master be afraid of a powerless turtle?



Like Kaolla, her younger sister, Amara Su comes from somewhere in Africa (just my opinion). Accompanied with a big white crocodile named "Whity", she took Keitaro away and wanted to make love wit him (gosh!) just because Keitaro resembles her brother. Amara lives in an apartement and her room is next to Mutsumi's room. You know, they united their bathrooms there, I don't know the reason... could it be... ugh...



Mei-chan is Narusegawa's step sister, different father but same mother. In the anime, Mei-chan appears in late episodes trying to take Narusegawa back home. Ever since Mei's arrival, many sad moments take place... sigh...



The Hinata councils are very mysterious. They always show up and then disappear in the right place at the right time, even in a mysterious way. Their roles in Love Hina seem like human's conscience. You just can't easily catch the meaning of their words, but not because you don't understand Japanese...


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