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The Residents of Hinata Inn and The Whole Hinata


Date of Birth : December 1, 1982 Height : 175 cm
Age : 16 Weight : ?
Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius Measurements : B84 - W59 - H82
Bloodtype : A Room : # 302

As grandma Hina (Keitaro's grandma) left Hinata Inn, Motoko also left to go on a Kendo training in a mountain. She's really an expert in martial art and she always carry a sword with her all the time. For the first time she met Keitaro at Hinata Inn, she felt that his existence there was unacceptable. The matter is that she hates all men since she's left by her older sister who found a lover when Motoko's still a child. But everything changes as Keitaro becomes the first man that can make her feel hot (and she thinks that it's her first love). In one episode, it appears that she really fears turtles very much, that's for the first time I saw her being frightened by only a cute turtle, Tama-chan. Until the end of the story so far, Motoko doesn't seem to have someone special in her heart. Who do you think will be her lover later?

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