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The Photos of Hinata and Its Neighborhoods..


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You'll see this one a lot in Love Hina series. In the story, Haruka-san owns this shop with her loyal assistant, Sakata Kentaro (he wouldn't be if only his company didn't go bankrupt). It's a little different though between the one in reality and the one in the anime/manga. Anyway, this building has been a silent witness of Love Hina story.
Remember the episode when Shinobu asked Naru and Keitaro about First Kiss? That one took place here.



If you feel familiar with this place, that means that you just realized that this is the place where Keitaro, Naru, Kitsune, Shinobu, and the others live. Yeah, this is Hinata Sou. Another silent witness of Love Hina story.

A really nice place to visit, even to live. I really want to stay there for one or two nights. May be someday ^_^
But what if it's also a girls dormitory? I'd be kicked out of there of course...

Take a look at the living room. Not many differences found there between the anime and the real one. Wanna have some tea there?



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