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The Residents of Hinata Inn and The Whole Hinata


Date of Birth : Unknown Height : ?
Age : Unknown Weight : ?
Zodiac Sign : Unknown Measurements : Bleh!
Bloodtype : ? Room : Not in Hinata Inn

Seta is a very very bad car driver... everytime he drives, he'll end up crashing into something and get out of his van with his head bleeding (somehow he survived after all the accidents). He's a tall, handsome, yet bold guy who works as an archeologist in Tokyo University (Toudai). He once was Naru's and Kitsune's tutor (and love) when they're in high school. Seta is said to have failed the Toudai entrance exam three times! (same like Keitaro), but he managed to succeed at the fourth time. This man is also Sarah McDougal's foster father. The most interesting part of this man is that he's the only one who could ever beat Motoko Aoyama in fighting. He only sometimes appears in the anime, not much can be said about him.

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