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The Residents of Hinata Inn and The Whole Hinata


Date of Birth : November 15, 1985 Height : 147 cm
Age : 13 Weight : ?
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio Measurements : B68 - W52 - H72
Bloodtype : O Room : # 201

The only girl in Hinata Inn who will never "harm" Keitaro. Shinobu first appeared in the episode of the anime when her parents, the owner of Hinata restaurant, decided to get divorced. To make things worse, she's even ignored by her friends at school. Her first met with Keitaro was at the Hinata bridge when she was crying to herself. That's when Keitaro made a sketch of her smiling face. The sketch book fell in front of her while the town councils were throwing it around. Thanks to them, Shinobu felt much better after looking at her smiling face. Shinobu decided to return the book to Keitaro. She decided to stay at Hinata Inn when both her parents found her there and wanted Shinobu to accompany them. Shinobu is the youngest girl in Hinata Inn but is very polite and sweet. She respects Keitaro and always calls him "Urashima-senpai". Shinobu has to accept the fact that her Urashima-senpai's relation with Naru develops as time flows. Well, to her, nothing is better than seeing her Urashima-senpai being happy. I'd say that she is the only normal one among the Hinata girls.

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