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The Music of Hinata-sou Angels

Nobody hates music; and Anime without soundtracks won't be interesting at all. You might prefer MP3 than MIDI since MP3 has the output quality as good as the original CD. But that doesn't mean MIDI is bad. I can't put in a lot of music in MP3 format since the file size is too large (around 3-4 MB each music), so I'll only put in some music in MP3 format and the rest are in MIDI format. You need a player such as WinAmp, Sonique, Kjofol, MusicMatch Jukebox, etc to play them.

Please be informed that the output quality of the music in MIDI format totally depends on the soundcard you use in your PC. I use the Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value. I've tested them using my Creative Soundblaster with the speaker ACS 45.1, the results are pretty good. The MP3 ones will play well in any type of soundcard, I think.

If you want to edit the MIDI (the instruments), you'll need a MIDI editor. I recommend you using Cakewalk Pro Audio.

The MP3 ones are zipped and you need WinZip to unzip the files.


Egao no Miraihe ~ 37 KB


Available for you to download

Egao no Miraihe ~ 4.4 MB
Sung by Narusegawa when being an idol.

Mainichi ga Otenki ~ 3.4 MB
Another song sung by Narusegawa when being an idol.

Yakusoku ~ 4.3 MB
A sad song, probably sung by Yui Horie (the seiyuu of Naru Narusegawa)


In my PC, will be put into my webpage only if there's a lot of space in Geocities for them.

Sweet Blue Days ~ 8.8 MB
A nice slow song sung by Motoko and Shinobu.

Il Yu Da Na ~ 3.2 MB
A lively song. I think it's sung by every girls in Hinata Inn.

Osoroi No Silver Ring ~ 5.9 MB
Shinobu's song.

Baribari Otenba ~ 3.1 MB
I think it's Kaolla who sings this song.

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