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Love Hina Fans' Pleasure World - World Wide Tips

So you wanna try building a homepage to prove yourself as a true anime lover? Here are some tips for you:

  1. First, you must have a good webpage editor/creator. If you're brand new in HTML, you should use the easy one. There's a lot of webpage editors/creators, you can use Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamveaver for example. If you're still confused, you can use the Geobuilder in Geocities. Of course you have to join Geocities if you want to use this tool. I myself use Macromedia Dreamveaver building this webpage.
  2. Anime webpages are usually graphic rich, so you must have quite a lot of anime pictures/images. You must not use other person's pics, unless you've asked for his/her permission or you use the free-to-use pics. It's highly recommended that your page has an image gallery.
  3. Do not put too many pics in one page. Not every visitor wants to wait for ages just to download one page. If they wait too long for downloading each page, they'll leave and won't visit your page again.
  4. The more complete your Anime webpage, the better it will be. It'd be nice if you added some miscellaneous pages/stuffs such as fan-fiction, fans club, web rings, guestbook, message board, etc.
  5. Don't forget to add your E-mail address so visitors can send comments, suggestions, and so on to you.
  6. Since young visitors (kids) may visit your page too, you shouldn't use any bad words. Keep your page G-rated which means that you mustn't put any adult material (hentai) in your page. I know you won't ^_^
  7. Join lots of Anime webrings if you want. The more webrings you join, the more visitors come to your homepage.
  8. Submit your page to many search engines, such as Yahoo!
  9. Modify your page at least once in a couple of months. Make sure that you also put the date when you modify it.
  10. If you're sure that you've done a good job. Try to win some awards. How to win an award? You should search for sites that give awards for cool sites. After you find one, submit your page (your page URL and title). Follow the instructions, if your page deserves an award, he/she will give you the award. Some awards are easy to win, but some are not. You'd better make your page interesting, easy to surf, and complete.
  11. The last, you should make a suitable title for your page (Oops! I should have put this in number two or three). If your pages are about Naru Narusegawa, the title should be, for example: Naru Shrine.

Anyway, be creative! If you're good in editing pics (for example using Corel Photopaint or Adobe Photoshop), you should edit some pics into some cool ones. This editing skill's very useful for every webpage owner. If you're a genious in HTML, you'd better add some cool effects to make your page much more interesting. Cool pages will attract more visitors. Good luck to you! Still have questions ? Feel free to ask me.

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