Standing in Ophelia's Shadow

A Quick Overview

This story is set in White Wolf's world. Werewolf the Apocalypse and Vampire the Masquerade to be precise. If you want detailed background information, there are many wonderful resources available from White Wolf. For now I will say there are werewolves, vampires, and insanity. (along with humour!)

Some of the more unique things you'll see:
Verve: Worse than double jolt, this carbonated beverage can only be bought on the black market. It is Ani's favourite form of recreation.

Whipshit: A hallucinagenic drug very popular with the skid row junkies. Ani occaisionally deals it.

Happy Jacks: Think McDonald's food sucks? Well in a conversation later on between Ani and Luna he explains just what makes McDonalds high class food compared with Happy Jacks. Ani and Walker's usual haunt. Walker has yet to detect any real meat in the burgers.

That's about it for now, more later! This story is also plotted out and just needs fleshing


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