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To Lo-Chan's Weiß Kreuz Page! ^__^ This is strictly a fan made site, and i've worked hard to collect everything you see before you.. :P And I know not alot of people actually read these blurbs.. so I'll keep it short... enough.. :P yes I've changed the whole layout, because i was getting complaints that the buttons where making people think that they where blind.. :P Sorry! So I've tried to make this site as user friendly as i can... :P I'm sorry for the lack of updates!! please be patient with me! all problems with the page are being looked after.. :P Also... I would like to point out... the ever so creative title for the page.. :P heehee Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the site!!! ^_^

Also... before i part... this page may be missing a few things here and there... Please be patient with me.. i've done alot to give this site a new look.. and so on and so forth... ENJOY!!
Hey! ^^ for those of you that don't look for Anime alot might be thinking what Weiß Kreuz is right?? well let me just to give you a really breif description of Weiß without spoiling anything for you. First of all Weiß Kreuz is pronuced as vice kroytz. Please do not ruin the whole reason of Weiß when U are pronunincing it as weiss kreuz It's Annoying... NEways let's get onto the Real Intro.. ^_^

Weiß Kreuz is made up of 4 Cute guys. (I don't know what your definition of cute is but Ken is one of them for me... ^_^) NEways these 4 Cute guys own a little flower shop called "kitty in the house"(what a cute name!! ^_^) during the day, but one goes to school. But at night the 4 Cute guys are Assasins working for a group called Kritiker. My favorite guy from Kritiker is Botan... but I'll talk about him later^_^


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