..Half a cat.. and an arm.
..Other half of cat.. warning.

Sore wa, himistsu desu..
Hey there, cool cats. I'm sure you're wondering what in the bloody bread box this page is for, and to tell you the truth, I'm wondering that too. (Though I didn't use 'bloody bread box' when I thought it. Odd term. Pulled that one out of the air, I did.) Che! To tell the real truth this time -- I've been hanging about Xelloss too long @.@ -- this page is a little something I thought of doing one day, out of pure boredom. I draw, edit, and just generally mutilate so many images, and only a few people get to see them. So, I figured, what the hell! Good work's going to waste! I'll have to fix that. And I did. Wai wai! Here I am, babbling aimlessly in this little table, and yes, I know this is a bit of a slow loading page. But it's all about the GRAPHICS, baybeh! So, deal. ^,~ And enjoy, no da! ..And don't steal my stuff, or.. uhm.. I'll cut you up into little pieces! ..And.. uh.. then I'll STOMP on them! Until I can think of something worse to do. >.> <.<;;
Xellos: Yare, yare, Nicole-san... You could be the next Mazoku waiting to happen. n.n
Quiet, you. Where the heck did you come from, anyway?
Xelloss: Aah.. [Insert waggle of a gloved finger here.] Sore wa, himitsu desu! n.n
Wahaha! I just wanted to hear you say it. n.n Now go! c.c Go, damn you. Into my lovely lair. n.n
Xelloss: 'Lovely'...? Define 'lovel--
Xelloss: Oi.. Arigato! n.n May I have another, please?
....Hm. >.> <.<