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Time passes by whether we want it to or not. Sometimes it takes forever and sometimes it goes by too quick. Remember when you were 15 and it was forever until you turn 16 to get ur license or when you were 17 ready to go clubbin but had to wait another year, well some of us didnt but for those you of who did you know time can take forever, or when your 19-20 and you couldn't wait until you turned 21 so u can kick it with the older folks. Yeah sometimes we can't wait for time to pass us by, but you have to remember no matter what we do whether we like it or not time is gonna keep passing us by. So instead of waiting for time to pass so you can finally do what you want to do remember what your doing NOW counts more than what you will be doing when that time comes. Time can be your best friend or your worse enemy it depends on how you use it and what you make of it. People in this world think that when needed time is gonna stop for you to catch up but in reality your gonna be left in the past. So when your down and out and you feel like you hate life and it's never gonna get better just remember to give it some time and you'll be better, it may not be tomorrow or a couple days from then but in due time i promise you everything will be on the up side you just have be positive and wait for another day. Time heals all you just gotta be patient and as long as you are doing something postitive NOW your life will be better tomorrow.
-quick word from the creator of this page, Snou 11-11-02
So it's been almost 2 years since i've added or even tried to change this page. I don't know if anyone even still checks this page out. More has changed over the past 2 yrs than i could have ever imagined since our "TriB'L AzNz Days". Everyone is doing theyre own thing and we have alot more to think of than just "What do you wanna do today". I know i've grown up alot since those days and i see the world in a completely different perspective. Some people were just out to exploit us, some were just there to party and others lived up to the true meaning of "family". We are now beginning to spread throughout the whole country. I hope everyone remembers why we were all drawn close to one another. Not for the girls...not for the popularity...not for the fun but because we all shared the same values and dreams in life...and well shit maybe for the fun...hahah cuz man wasn't it some fun..if anyone still hits this up leave a message and dont worry one of these days when im bored enough this page will get an uplift.
-We still runnin thangs, Snou 7-23-04
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