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This page is now officially dead. I won't be updating any longer since I have new projects to work on. I think three years is a healthy lifespan for any page. ^_^ It's kinda sad, this was my first web-page. Even if the design obvious shows my lack of html abilities back then, I still loved it. ^_~*

But anyway, thanks to all you people who helped me out with this page. I hope you all enjoyed visiting it as much as I enjoyed making it! ^_^ Sayonara! But be sure to visit my other pages okay? ~beams~



Information on Omi:Facts and important information on Omi-kun ^_^

Omi Spiolers:The dirt on Omi's family life and secrets.

Omi pictures: Snapshots of my gorgeous Omi-kun!!

Yuuki Hiro: Facts on Omi's seiyuu.

Why Omi-kun: Ravings on why I love him. (need you ask?)

Omi's stuff: Omi's wants and stuff not to give him. (don't wanna end up as a dartboard ne?)

Fanart: Wonderful things Omi fans have created! Now THIS is art! ^_*

Fanfics: Fictions of various Weib writers which I fell in love with! A must see for Omi-fans. ^^

  Omi Multimedia:Omi's lovely singing voice and other thing I can snatch up!

Adopt a Weib Character:Take home a chibi-Weibster and more!

Omi and Yaoi:Does Omi *Gasp* dig other Weiss boys?!

Om-a-kee~ee:Fun, wierd, and wacky stuff me and my friends can come up with!

Linking to Omi's Place:Wanna link to me? Please do! Here's how!

Links: Links to other wonderful great lovely pages!!


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