Kira Kira Kaoru Image Gallery  
Closed 17 January 2002

Team Bonet wishes to thank all of the people who have visited our Kira Kira Kaoru shrine since its opening in May 1999. We hope that you enjoyed your time here, and can only apologize if you're returning only to find this message in place of the image galleries.

In total honesty, and for the record, we will now take the time to say that this shrine has not been taken down because we no longer love manga or Kira Kira Kaoru. The reasons have more to do with the advances of age and the lack of the time necessary for the upkeep of a home page. So we are bowing out gracefully, before time beats us and this home page down. A bit sad? Perhaps. But change is a part of life, and change, although oftentimes a melancholy thing, can be a wonderful thing. Cheers, dear friends.

Team Bonet