tsukino tenshi - version: gah ive forgotten now..
11/11/01 - woowee, boy its been a L O N G time since i updated this site.
ive just been sooo busy with other things that i never even
bothered to really update that much. im still hoping to get my
own personal domain name, but till that day i suppose i can
always make do with this stupid server (geosh!t!es). well there
aint really nothing much new at this site, ive rather deducted than
added, see the thing is ive lost alot of interest in anime since
i first started this site about 4 years ago, im almost 17 now :)
plus my personal life and my course takes up alot of time too,
if you wanna know what ive been up to this year you can check out
my diary, well this is me for now, ill catch you guys up later!