(January 17th, 2005)
I hope you all had a good holiday season and whatnot.  School has been a bigger pain that I imagined and I have had maybe an hour of free time each night tops where I'm not doing homework so I havent really had time to update.  With second semester staring (slightly easier courses), I PROMISE that I  will get this off the ground in the next few months, I worked a bit more on it tonight if thats any sort of encouragement.  Until next time...

(August 12, 2004)
Slowly I'm making some progress trying to update this old heap of junk... with limited results.  Trying to work on a much better layout, this new one is hopefully only temporary, but I really cant find any good (free) program that lets me do more than simple html.  I've been moving files around for easier access so if certain sections of the page wont work then they should within a few days.  A lot of the smaller (and more tedious parts), but important nonetheless, pieces have almost been finished.  Some are a bit "behind the scenes" so it may not look like much has changed, but it has.  Thats all for now, stay tuned.
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