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brian - 07/14/00 07:42:41
My Email:tarttartkuffdam@aol.com
i've been a hikaru fan since 1988.it's great to see a site dedicated to her.Only complaint;MORE PICTURES!!!Since most of her photos are 10 years old,a more recent picture would be really cool.Anyways,Godbless all those who worship the immaculate beauty that is Nishida Hikaru. Peace...

Steve C. - 04/28/00 19:19:13
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Hi all! It's me Steve, this site's webmaster. Thank you all for signing my guestbook! I know how you all feel about Hikaru, that's why I dedicated this website to her! :) If Hikaru Nishida can ever see this: LOVE ALWAYS! Good luck everyone and be happy! :) Steve C. Webmaster of "Letters to Hikaru Nishida"

nana - 04/25/00 03:37:37

Mauricio Yoshioka - 04/15/00 10:23:59
My Email:eternity31@yahoo.com
Hello. You have a great page. I love Hikaru and all about her. She is the most beauty woman in the world. I dream with her smile night and day, and I want see her front to me, talk, hear her voice , look her eyes open and close so softly like an angel I LOVE HER! I LOVE YOU HIKARU! Thanks. Good luck!

Jung-in Han - 03/27/00 07:06:11
My Email:yahoh21@hanmail.net
I am a korean and 29 years old. I saw you at drama asitawa tenkini. You are so cute and I became like you very much. I will make my finger crossed for you! Osiawaseni!

Charlie .X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 03/14/00 15:58:25
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My Email:Kevalcookrocker@hotmail.com
'To Nishida Hikaru so youv, had (A) tuf time, speaking, english, i have been looking for, !!you so what do you, think, of that?!! so how is, mome, and daddy? how are they, you web sight, looks good, but, we must inter net talk, i am as fresh (A) new born abe, how about you?!! how is, Clairborne school, how is monterey Park, los angles, how is your self, dont be scared red of this are, me, this is what i want you to, do, email me, info on how to bake (A) green apple pie, then find, "Pamel Anderson Lee" and give her, (A) green tenis boll, do it as i ahve ask you, then email me back, and sing, sing, (A) tenis boll song to me, in other words, tell me, somthing, good, about every thing, that happens, you are very pretty!! then i will tell you my real name!! Charlie .X!! 20002 A.K.A 3-14-2000

kaliis - 12/29/99 19:33:59
My Email:kaliis@hotmail.com
excellent collection!! well done and great efort. Best of luck and happy new mellinium!!! kaliis

kaliis - 12/29/99 19:33:17
My Email:kaliis@hotmail.com

Jony Wen - 11/30/99 19:03:11
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/jn79_2000/index.html
Thanks for your gallery collection.

Xarrian Drake - 10/04/99 14:52:17
My Email:xarrian@hotmail.com
cool stuff, keep up d good work, well just cruisin in got nothin 2 do so just browse for links 2 one of d coolest asian babes on d net. Hey by the way would u mind telling me where 2 get a copy o fthe midi background u have. Thanxz by the way. see yah!

Kamoltham W. - 07/14/99 15:28:59
My Email:kamoltham@access.inet.co.th
I visit your website accidently! But after see all website, I agree with you....! I'm the Anti-drug police in Thailand. My hoobies are reading writing ,internet tour and to know the person I never know. World is very interesting,isn't it? Glad to know you..!

arisa - 07/11/99 13:15:51

nishu shimizu - 06/05/99 20:01:56
My Email:nishu@d2.dion.ne.jp
How are you? Did you enjoy staying in London this time? I hope everything went well and you are confortably settled here in Japan now....It seems like you're trying to find your own identity for long time.....Well...I would say it's indeed a loadable effo t. Hope to see you in Hiroshima in this summer. with every good wishes,

Pei - 05/15/99 20:44:32
My Email:pei@nortelnetworks.com
Urr, its alright.

Edward Chen - 05/09/99 07:26:57
My Email:echen@bellsouth.net
eh... You need a better server :) haha but then this is free :)

Jenn aka Bubble - 05/07/99 03:52:14
My URL:http://members.aol.com/iambubble/index.html
My Email:megrover@uclink4.berkeley.edu
hey bro, you're DA bomb! your site is nice and clean cut, and you're right, the girl does look like the DNA chick. can't believe you're not coming to my graduation, since i'm your favorite sister and all:p anyway, good job on the site and great backgro nd music. i hope to see you soon!

Diana Chen - 04/30/99 06:01:36
My Email:getsmart88@yahoo.com
pretty cool

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