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Welcome to VALEDICUMLAUDE Cyfairchik's DoMaIn!

Hola, my name is Mic. [This part used to say the stuff on turning "LEGAL" hee hee hee)], but I'm nineteen now so yeah... I'm STILL the web-maven for this site... Welcome to my page! YAY!

Sorry it's not that much at this moment, but I'm not some kind of computer genius or anything, my stellar AP Computer Science test score of 1 surely supports that, and I really don't have the time to really spruce this place up... but hey, what you are seeing here is the best effort I can put out at this present time, given the circumstances...

Jes to let you guys know a little about me is this Introduction:

I was born in the Philippines during the HOLY WEEK, hence, my name was derived from the Bible! However, my name's derivation was off of a male prophet MICAH, and when I was born a girl, they switched the spelling around! That's the story as to how I got my name... and if you're wondering how to pronounce my name, cuz most people get it wrong (substitute teachers, or teachers during the first weeks of school always seem to get it wrong), you think of saying MY CAR, except you don't sound out the R at the end...

You can't tell it right now by looking at my page, but I am an avid fan of the Backstreet Boys (I LOVE KEVIN RICHARDSON!!!) [I don’t care if he got married, he’s still the bomb!] and Garfield (Garfluv Forever!!!)... Oh, and I absolutely LOVE DAWSON'S CREEK and ROSWELL!!! (I guess you can say I'm someone who exhibits tendecies to watch WAY TOO MUCH WB!)

My life's passions include: Science (I've been competing at the San Diego County Science and Engineering Fair for the past 5 years; I was actually the Co-Chair of the Student Advisory Board that helps in putting the fair together---> hence my a.k.a. of CYFAIRCHIK!), singing (I can't believe I actually passed my audition for IA-International Affair, the school's decorated show choir! ...unfortunately, I was never able to take it due to scheduling conflicts...), cross-country stitching (this is probably how my eyes got so bad), PURPLE (ish my favorite color... heh heh heh, PURPLE ROCKS!), tennis(Contrary to what some critics say it is not a boring and pointless game of merely hitting a stupid rubber ball back and forth... Tennis requires mental toughness, finesse, and adroitness!), songwriting (I pretty much spent Spring Break jes writing songs), and HARVARD! (One of my biggest dreams, a dream I've had since I was a young child, has always been to attend Harvard for my post-secondary career... Unfortunately, due to what appears to be ASIAN DISCRIMINATION, among other factors, I did not get accepted to Harvard... so I guess my dream has to remain unfulfilled for the mean time... The Supreme Being upstairs has a different plan for me at this present time... so come Fall 2000, I will be attending the University of California, Berkeley --- GO CAL BEARS!!!!)

Hmmm, another thing about me is that I can get very emotionally-attached. Some people might think I'm a cold, heartless bitch, but the absolute contrary to that is the truth. I am such a naive softy. I cry during Disney movies and while reading novels, etc. for example, I cried while reading A FAREWELL TO ARMS in the 10th grade when Katherine died after childbirth, etc... I am a HOPELESS ROMANTIC. I am quite idealistic and I still believe in the warm and fuzzy stuff, as Lyn might call it. Deep inside, despite reality, I am still hoping to find that Prince Charming, my soulmate who would sweep me off my feet and love me for who I am, and I'm talking about nothing but UNCONDITIIONAL LOVE! With my strong emotions also come a lot of pain and heartache since I am the type of person who falls for someone completely. I can like a person for years and go completely SPRUNG on them, only to have them break my heart by showing me that I am not good enough for them, or by acting as though I do not exist, or by leading me on, and believe me, I've had experiences with that. When I like a guy, I like them A LOT! I always give my all, jes in case I die the next day or whatever... I jes hate regrets... It's kinda good when good things happen (like if the guy you like flirts with you, the high is jes extreme!), but it's oftentimes bad because if the guy doesn't like you back then the devastation is jes through the roof, and you're sentenced to both depression AND humiliation for a lengthly span of time. Oh yah, I am also somewhat of a negative person. I have been trying to become more positive, but I cannot help it. Sometimes I think that I'm innately PESSIMISTIC... Oh well, at least I'm not as negative as my friend Joane! =)

I'm not quite sure of what to write anymore, so I guess I'll stop. Thanks for stopping by, and while you're here, make sure to take some time to sign my guestbook!

For now, why not try to check out these two sites:

ReNeeNeeButt's Humble Bahay...
------> this is my friendNee's site... We've been pals since the 6th grade!!! (Nee, we miss you at SUHI!) I'm sooo proud of her, she created the site all by herself! Check out the page on the Psychological Terms as they apply to Nee--- I'm responsible for the material on that page! Heh heh heh... =)

Dwin's Place
------> this is the site of one of the members of the ExtraOrdinary Crew... My fren Dwin (otherwise known as Technics 9) is responsible for it... It's a pretty cool site featuring 2 quizzes, Dwin's Vocab Section, and a bunch of other cool stuff so you make sure to stop by, okay!

That's it for now, I guess....

But before I go, I wanna send my love out to the following peeps:

my best friend Janessa from the rad singing group of JES Right who just turned 18 last May 13... and yah, I danced in her cotillion, and performed at the talent showcase portion of the celebration... dude, we've been through so much, but we're still good friends... if you wanna know more 411 about Jan, jes see one of the links... (JaM 4 Life!), my Kuya ROVIL who hates getting called by his real name and instead wants to be called ROBERT, but he HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO have the H after the R... so yah, IT's OVER! WE'RE SO THROUGH! DON'T CALL ME, DON'T PAGE ME, DON'T EMAIL ME, DON'T FAX ME, DON'T TALK TO ME, DON'T FOLLOW ME HOME... Oh my gulay, the fact of the matter is, that I'm gonna go ahead and spell yer name with an H.... okay, and that's from the bottom of my broken heart, that went to the top and it will never drop.. okay Rhobert --- Mic'Rho'Jan'-ISM is such a bomb trio!), my "friend" who used to sport CAL pride who just became an AIR FORCE ACADEMY Basic Cadet Americo P, even though he kinda ruined an almost "PERFECT CAL Weekend I guess he's still a "friend"... whatever that means... I guess it's just one of them things about life..., Sailor V-ness (Vanessa R), also known as Ms Salutatorian, thanks for all the talks and for being my high school rival... if it had not been for you challenging me every step of the way I don't think I could've achieved as much as I did... it takes the best to challenge the best in order for that person to become the best... or something like that, I heard some track and field athlete say that on TV, my little sis and bowling partner in crime Irenie H (Hey chick, did I mention how much I like *BLANK*?!?) thanks for all the patience and for being that shoulder to cry on, those ears to listen whenever I needed you... I don't know how I can live without the privilege of calling you at 6 in the morning and consistenly say IRENE WAKE UP for 30 minutes, and go on our little adventures, sing our little songs, do this, that and the other while wreaking havoc, etc..., my pal Edwin from EOC who has since made it his life’s mission to creat a bomb homepage... he was also the great choreographer of Jan's debutante ball dance... but yah, he's all proud of his TRANSITIONS glasses..., ReNeeNeeButt da traitor who decided to leave SUHI for “greener” pastures (yeah, she thinks she's all bad with her new XTERRA, Seymore.. or rather, SEE MORE, as in SEE MORE BUTTZ... hahaha, makes sense for ReNeeNeeButt to have a car named SeeMoreButtz), Eugene(125/130 Too Many EXCUSES, X-Man) and Jeremy D, Erik Y (and his Piggyback Express down the 54!), Joane V (JOAN Kate, we are still on for tonight, right?!?), Caesar L who has been my good friend since the good ole National Kingsmen days of the 7th grade... and no, contrary to what my parents think he was NOT and NEVER was my boyfriend! Geez, c'mon now, I've NEVER HAD A BF!!! (since he's a good friend I'm willing to overlook the fact that he goes to ucla--yeck!), Phaysouvanh Brandon "SUHI Tennis god" T, Morris S ("Ask the boy out!" Can I have your autograph?),Jorge A, Mazie D, Roda P, Ate Joy and Jessica P, Raul S (Most Likely to Succeed just like me, eh? I still feel jipped that I got Antarctica and the barren parts of Russia when we divided the world in half! Thanks for being an understanding dance partner even after I did step on your toes that ONE time!) I've enjoyed our verbal sparring through the years, and I have to admit that my life's gonna be a little empty without you always picking on me since you're gonna be all the way at Dartmouth for college, but hey, I guess we all have to go do our own thing...you jes better watch out cuz the world's gonna be ALL MINE jes like I said in the yearbook, Crystal V a.k.a."Ms.Pilipins" (Hey Ate Billy!) thanks for all the talks, I hope I've helped you sort out your "little matters of concern" over yer numerours PROSPECTS, if you getz mah driftz right?, Xia "the Brain" L(hope Dartmouth frostbite doesn't chase you out of there!), Lorraine and Cheryl, my two other bowling partners in crime, Tatiana (Lady T, kamusta na ba, MARS?), Afua(Where's mah backrub?), Nick W (Oh my goodness, it's the Limp Bizkit guy, I swear he's such a ringer for Fred Durst!), Jason S ("Did you really think you were gonna get away from a hug?!?") and Juan S(I WILL NOT SAY ANYTHING THAT WILL INCRIMINATE ME!), collectively known as my "Econ CO-CONSPIRATORS!", my quasi-little bro flippa Philip G, martial arts tai-chi-ing Paul "Jason" R, Rizalito "Rez-Pez" B, Rodney ("CALL ME!") a.k.a. Kat's Kutie, Tina Marie M “helloo Mr. Burns, I dun’t knoo!!!”, I've enjoyed getting to know you during our senior year, hope we stay friends... I'm counting on you being one of the Ninangs, remember, Tanya... I mean, JING-FEI as you now prefer to be called.... but hey, you will always be Tanya to me!, Grace H - my younger mestiza cousin Gracie and her wonderful e-mails Ü, and Diana a.k.a. "Dheng-Dheng” with her bad self and her chicken =) jes kidding, the AIA Family, the ASBers (especially my "Cheezelaking” underclassmen: Karla, Juan and Angie!), all the ASB peeps in my Prez Council especially my hunnybunny Hammie-Michael G who will always be my DUMBDUMBHEAD, and mah assistant Lejo, (much props also to Ricardo, Karen, Kim, Joe, Gerardo, Adrian, Aysha, Budro), Key Clubbers (much props to John, I have no doubt in my mind that you will make a great LtG!), SABers, CSFers, Science Clubbers (hey, we're not all geeks, nerds, dweebs, etc.... Science is cool, man!), tennis peeps, my wrestlers(especially Josh H who better go undefeated next season!), all my fellow leaguers and decathletes (especially to Lyn and Sabrina who've been so supportive to my new conquest... dude, you two jes wanna see me hook up with that dude huh? Unfortunately, I don't think it'll ever happen since I don't think I'm his type... oh well, at least we had fun talking... I mean, doing nothing... hee hee hee) ...also to Patrice, Daniel, Kris “Erik Jr”, who will surely team up with Philip, Paul, and Jessica to make up the bombest team ever... I graduate knowing 7th period will be in good and capable hands!), all mah bowling alley peeps especially Chris H, Kim S, Kara "RA-RA" A, Aivren and Genelle A(Hey Aivren, nice going against you on two straight days...I can't believe you beat my team single-handedly during that one Saturday that you bowled alone!), Mark and Michael T(Hey Mark, thanks for going to the Key Club dance with me, and especially for being a great date and a perfect gentleman during my SWEETHEARTS BALL!), Michael P, Krystle L, Lester (Lori's lil bro), Lester (Nasty keychain man...Eww, I can't believe you had me hold that THING!!!), Ronnel M(Nice chattin with you during the tournament, that was a great 230 man!), Tristan, my ading Shanna (Jing and Leng, too) and last but not least, special mad props goin out to Katherine E (hey gurl, do you still remember the P-U-T-O-N-G KLAN? the National days? all the good times and the bad? Thanks for all the memories from the past, the present, and hopefully the ones in store for our futures!), Eliza T, and Laarnie S a.k.a. the 98-99 AIA TS Comm, otherwise known as the rad BSG---> BACKSTREET GURLS !!! For everyone else not mentioned, I'll get y'all next time---when I'm better at doing this.... Okay!

Take much the care everybody!

"The things we do for ourselves die with us when we leave this world, but the things we do for others, live on long after we're all gone; it becomes our legacy..."
-variation of something Mr. Hinkle said

Peace out, y'all!

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SCIENCE Rulez! - Go here for a closer look at one of my life's passions: the world of SCIENCE! This page gives a little bit of information about the science fair scene that I've been involved with for almost six years now. Here you will find 411 on SAB and the GSDSEF. My goal is to have this page keep up with the events of the science fair as the year progresses. Make sure to come back and check it out for sci. fair 411!

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