Palace Library

Serena: Welcome to the library everyone.
Amy: Hi, Serena!!
Serena: Amy what are you doing up here?
Amy: Where else would the Book worm of the Sailor Scouts be, but reading stories by other authors?
Serena: Oh. I see your point. Look around everyone.

Weaving a Romance
By Sailor Unico

This story takes place during the Silver Millenium. Princess Serena meets Prince Darien and at first they hate each other. But when Prince Darien gets word that Princess Serena is betrothed, he and the Moon Princess dicover they love each other. What's going to happen?

Chapter 1: First meeting
Chapter 2: 'Oh, Was that Your Foot I Steped On'
Chapter 3: A Most Distressing Announcement
Chapter 4: No Turning Back
Chapter 5: Strangers in the Night
Chapter 6: The Princess and the Balcony
Chapter 7: Cafe Dramatics and Romanticas
Chapter 8: The Morning After
chapter 9: An Unsettling Invitation
Chapter 10: A Dinner Game of Let's Pretend
Chapter 11: Secret Gets Away...Almost
Chapter 12: Shades of Green
Chapter 13: Suspicious Smoke Signals
Chapter 14: Many Questions
Chapter 15 (In Progres)
A Change of Destiny
By Ria

Beryl is gone, blasted back to the negaverse. The scouts are sent back to Tokyo, but Serena is missing, a new threat has arrived. The Inner Scouts meet the Outer Scouts, and a new Sailor, Sailor Cosmos, shows up. Who is she, and why does she act so much like Serena?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapters 11-15 + Epilogue (waiting for author to send me remaining chapters)

Sailor Moon Universal
By Jendra

This is a rewrite of Sailor Moon R after the Four Sisters are healed. Darien goes out of town for a while and a new Boy is in Serena's life. Is Darien going to lose Serena to this new comer?

Full Story

Sailor Moon Universal B
By Jendra

This is not my drawing of Travis and Crystal. Someone else drew it.

The Sequal to Sailor Moon Universal. Rini finds her time changed, and she must go back to Serena's time to fix it. Will she sucseed?

Full Story

By Lady

Seven years ago, Serena ran from home, away from people she thought were her friends. Now she has beet the Earth and Moon generals, and must now accompany them back to Tokyo, Japan. Can Serena forgive her friends and her boyfriend during this crisis with the Negaverse?

Volume 1
Volume 2

Sailor Trek series:
Join the Sailor Scouts as they team up with the crew of the four best known Federation starships in Star Trek history as they solve problems that affect both realites.
Dilithium Dilemma
The Next Generation
Deep Space Nine