Gregory's Room

Gregory: Serena, why are you and the guests here?
Serena: They wanted to read the stories you wrote.
Gregory: Oh. They're right down there, and they are either written, or I'm working on them.
Sereana: O.k. Help yourselves everyone.
Gregory: For those of you who have been here before, any pictures you notice, that are missing, have been moved to Queen Serenity's Gallery. Also the folowing phrases indicate how my work in progressing:

"In Progress" - Means my work is either being written, edited or converting it to text from the word processer I use, to txt.
"Editting" - You'll rarely see this, but when you do, it means the work is being edited and converted to txt form, at the time I uploaded a chapter to a differant fic I'm writting.
"Planning stages" - Means I'm working the story out in my own head and haven't comitted any of it to typeing yet.
"On Hold" - Another rare one. Means the work is in progress, but I've stopped working on it for the time being. This will usually result from when school is running and I can only make time to concentrate on one fanfic at a time.

Sailor Moon DBZ series:

Stories in this group are of the same world I created and are chronologically connected. Note: These stories are not listed in the order they happen in. It is best if you read the fics in this catagory in this order:

Sailor Moon DBZ - between Doom Tree and Nega moon sagas
Sailor Scouts R - during prologue of Sailor Moon DBZ
Seeking the Truth - Not yet written
Phantom on the Moon - right after R season
Legend of the Excaliber - Few months after Phantom on the Moon
Voyage in space - Not yet written

Sailor Moon DBZ

After the battle against Queen Beryle, everyone is taken back to Tokyo. Everyone, that is, except for Serena. Now one year after her disapearence, leftovers from the Nega-Verse appear, and threaten Tokyo. Now the Sailor Scouts only hope to defeat them is to get the help of a group of fighters lead by someone who calls himself Goku.

Prologue: Beryl's End
Chapter 1: Sailors and Dragons Mix
Chapter 2: Voyage of the VentureStar
Chapter 3: The Rescue
Chapter 4: An Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 5: Trouble with Jedite
Chapter 6: Escape from the Saiyans
Epilogue: Reunions

Sailor Scouts R

This is a rewrite of the Doom Tree Series that tells how the Scouts defeated Allen and Ann, 'gasp', without Sailor Moon.

Chapter 1: The Return of the Sailor Scouts
Chapter 2: So You Want to be in Pictures
Chapter 3: A Knight to Remember
Chapter 4: VR Madness
Chapter 5: Cherry Blossom Time
Chapter 6: Kindergardten Chaos
Chapter 7: Mucho Ado about Baby-sitting
Chapter 8: A Day at the Beach
Chapter 9: Ray's Day In The Spotlight
Chapter 10: Food Fetish
Chapter 11: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
Chapter 12: Detention Doldrums
Chapter 13: Secret Garden
Chapter 13a: Treed
Epilogue: Darien's Decision


Seeking the Truth

Takes place during the Nega-Moon War. Serena begins to suspect who Rini is and desides to play detective before confronting Rini, or the rest of the Scouts about here suspitions. If she's right, she may be able to comvince Darien, once and for all, that they were meant to be together, and love each other.

Prologue: Battle at the Construction Site(In Progress)


Phantom on the Moon

Trouble stirs on the moon when a small force called the Nega-Moon show up. The Sailor scouts fight valiently, but not without some help from a new comer. Who is this Sailor Scout? Where did she come from? Where did the Nega-moon come from? Why does this new scout look so much like Princess Serenity? No time for the answers now, got to fight.

Prologue: Enter the Nega-moon
Chapter 1: Enter Sailor Moon
Chapter 2: Char-broiled
Chapter 3: The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 4: The Storm
Chapter 5: The Fried and the Electrocuted
Chapter 6: Mewtwo and the Final Conflict
Chapter 7: Showdown
Epilogue: Going Home

Legend of the Excaliber

A legend from the Silver Millenium is discovered as the Sailor Scouts fight a new enemy, but a third partty is involved. Who is she? Is she friend or foe?

Prologue: The Arrival
Chapter 1: Enter Sailor Selene
Chapter 2: Earth Steps Up to the Plate
Chapter 2b: The Meeting
Chapter 3: Sailor Scouts in London
Chapter 4: Hearts from the Pink One
Chapter 5: Trust in Stubbernness
Chapter 6: Serena's Birthday Surprise
Chapter 7: Blazing Inferno
Chapter 8: Tsukinos Through Time
Chapter 9: A Kino Reunion
Chapter 10: Rise of the Super Sailors
Chapter 11: An Unexpected Return
Chapter 12: Trouble on the Crystal Phoenix (In Progress)

Voyage in Space

No synapsis yet because it would spoil the end to one of my fics in progress.

Prologue: Polaris III(Planning stages)

What-if Stories:

Any stories in this group are not a part of my SM/DBZ series, and are not connected to each other, unless stated otherwise.

The Rise of Sailor Saturn

What if Hotaru discovered she was a Sailor Scout before the S season dictates? This is a question I asked my self and this story answers that question. It takes place shortly after Rini and Hotaru met.

The Story


Rise of the Moon Princess

This is a rewrite of the first season, from the time just before the Starlight tower. Luna and Artemis found four of the Sailor Scouts, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. This is my version of how Beryl was defeated, and how Serena, aka Sailor Moon, aka the Moon Princess, was found.

Prologe: Princess Serena Awakens(planning stages)


The Parent Trap

Thank you Sailor Alderaan
for providing me, this pic.

What if you spent your whole life wishing for somthing you didn't know you already had? Rini Tsukino, and Usagi Chiba are about to find out. Rini is a cool school girl, from California. Usagi is a fair rose, from Tokyo. When the two accidentally meet at summer camp, they think they have nothing in common except...They're identical twins. Now they're up to their cheeks in schemes and dreams to switch places, and to get their parents, Serena and Darien, back together, and have the family they've always wished for!

Prologue: QE2
Chapter 1: First Day of Camp
Chapter 2: Let the Pranks Begin
Chapter 3: Sibling Reunion
Chpater 4: The Trap is Set, But..... Houston, We Have a Problem
Chapter 5: Spring the Trap
Chapter 6: Family Reunion and Discussion
Chapter 7: Gone fishing
Epilogue: She's geeting married to who...?

Sailor Moon Aliance

This is a Star Wars, Sailor Moon crossover. Two families, the Chibas and Tsukinos, have been friends for a couple of generations. Now they are planning to merge their companyies together by marriage of their oldest childeren, Serena, and Darien, which the two don't like the idea of it. A serious problem with the Imperial empire, has forced the Tuskino family from their home, and on the run. shortly before this, Serena is seperated from her family. Several years later, Darien, who has addmitted he's in love with Serena, is now searching for her, and Serena is seaching for her long lost family. Will love prevail?

Prologue: the Meeting (Planning stages)

Sailor Moon DBZ R

An alternate reality sequal to Sailor Moon DBZ. The Sailor Scouts are taking a beeting with the constant battles they are in, when Lita suggests they get the legendary Dragon Balls to get Serena back. It's agreed and Earth Special force's Goku and Sera race to their aid in a quest that could either turn the tide in the war against the Nega-Moon, or bring disaster should the Nega-Moon get their hands on the Balls. But what's this? Rini has an ace up her sleeve to use against the Nega-Moon!!

Prologue: The Quest Begins(Planning Stages)

Knight Rider SM

7 years ago, Serena Tsukino was forced to fake her death and aid a branch of the US government called The Knight Foudation for Law and Government. Now she goes by a new name, Serena Knight, and is very close to capturing the one responsible for the death of Serena's old school friend Beth. While Serena is on tha case, she must try to keep who she really is a secret, from all her friends and family, for her case has taken her, and her partner K.I.T.T., back to Tokyo.

Prologue: The Beginning(Planning Stages)