Gregory's Study Room

Gregory: Welcome to my study every one. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name: Gregory Bess

Age: 22 years old

home: I live in Vacaville, Ca. A small town along interstate 80 just under an hour's drive south of Sacramento.

Web site's history: This is my first web site, and was originally a Star Wars site set up in TimesSquare/Labyrinth neighborhood of Geocities in mid 1997. About May of 1998, I got interested in Sailor Moon, the anime. Shortly after, I found web sites with fanfictions, that I liked, on them. After reading for one year, since I wasn't putting much work into my Star Wars site, I moved my site to where it is now, and remodeled it as a Sailor Moon site in May of 1999. By late July, my first fanfic was completed, followed shortly by my secound. Today the site contiunes to grow, and a third fic is now in the works.

Hobbies: I mostly like to serf the web, but I play video games once in a while.

occupation: I'm currently a student at Solono Community College in Cordelia, Ca.

If you want to know anything else, just send me a line at the address below.

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