The Portal Room

Serena: Sailor Pluto, what are you doing in here?
Pluto: Guarding the gate of time. What else would I be doing here?
Serena: Isn't the timegate outside the.....nevermind. this is the portal room folks. her you can go to any part of the galaxy(internet) you want. Just pick a door and walk right through.

The Timegate: No one may enter without permission from Sailor Pluto.

Tuxedo Will's FanFiction Archive: This is one of several archives I know that has a number of fanfics close to the hundereds.

Sailor Unico's Fanfiction Hide-Out: The owner of this web site is a little more experensed then me in writing fanfics, and her stories are pretty good if I do say so myself.

A Sailor Moon Romance: Another Archive I like. This archive I tend to visit a lot and most of the stories are good ones. A number of fanfics from the Usagi and Mamaru Fanfictin Archive are also here.

The Usagi and Mamaru FanFiction Archive: Most of the stories here are strictly Romance Fics between Usagi/Serena and Mamaru/Darien, but some do have a little action in them.

The Star Kingdom: The very first Sailor Moon web site I ever visited. This web site has fanfics that team up the Sailor Scouts with Elfs and Dragons from another dimention to fight the evil.

The Sailor Moon Universe: This is probably the closest thing you will find to an official web site for Sailor Moon. You can find just about anything you want on Sailor Moon here.

Tuxedo Will's web site: This web site has fanfics that were written by Tuxedo Will. In my opinion, his best work is his Tales of the Younger Scouts Series.

Queen Serenity's Moon Palace: If I owned this site, I'd say it was my site's sister site, but I don't own it. It's a good site anyway. Check it out.

The Crystal Palace: (Link is broken) The autor of this site contacted me and asked to post my fics on her site so I decided to give her a link to her web site, from mine.

The Moon Palace Archive A web site that has the same name as my own site, by Guardien Mercury.

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