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Finals are over! wooohooo summer is here! and I am actually bored for once. Taking a break from packing and passing time waiting for my friends to come get me so we can chill in the City. So that's it, one year down, 3 [or possibly more] years to go... Next year is gonna be dope, that's all I can say =). Oh and if anyone knows of any good online photo albums lemme kno yea? Thanks~! Peace out......
PCN 2002, Paglalakbay: Our Story was such a memorable experience! Everything and everyone came together at the end and it was a dope show. Phatty props to EVERYONE involved in making PCN a huge success. Y'all are awesome!

"Toxic waste is the after taste of the US naval base. We must make haste for revolution!"
"If only you would have told me about life instead of how to live my life."
-Sister Skit

"Remember who you are. Remember where you came from... It comes out in the way you talk, the way that you love, the stories you tell - this is how I will bring the Philippines to America."
-Lola Skit

"We're all on the same journey. It's what unites us: our status as travelers from a faraway land or no land at all. A saga of pearls on the string of time and within each a beginning, a moment in space and time that represents a part of us as individuals... Yes we are each on different paths but connected by time and its synchronization of our energies... For there are no happy endings, because there are no endings at all. Just beginnings. Each different but the same and they're never ending. Just beginning."
- Lorenzo Perillo, PCN Coordinator '02
...may our journey never end...

I'll Be There for You

If you've got secrets you want to tell, we can talk all day long.
If your dreams get broken somehow,I'll remind you that you belong.

If you need some place to hide, you can hold my hand for a while.
If your sky begins to fall, I'll stay with you 'til you smile.

whenever you need some space, there's my room - you can take it.
If someone breaks your heart, together we'll unbreak it.

When you feel sad or empty inside, I'll show you you're not alone.
If you get lost out there, I'll come and take you home.

I'll go with you somewhere else, when you need to get away.
And when nothing seems to be going right, and you need a friend...

I'll stay.

thank you Anne =)

me & dustin

PAA semi frosh pic

Important Dates:
May 22 - 7 months
May 23 - SoCal here I come! yay!
May 26 - PilGrad

**don't forget to drop a line in my guestbook before you leave** thanks! =)

"When it hurts to look back and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there..."

"The most beautiful discovery that true friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart..."

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Lyrics to Faith Evans' I Love You...

"You make me whole, you make me right. Don't ever wanna think about you leaving my life."
- Jagged Edge: "I Gotta Be"