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19 Feb. 2008
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What we are about
Northern Touch is a small quarterly magazine publication  based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  We  specialize in
publishing “intellectual" articles about video games  and the video game industry.  By  intellectual, we mean
articles that attempt to articulate the philosophical impact  video games have and will have on human society.  
It is without a doubt that video games have come a long way  since its birth in the early eighties--as such,
we believe this phenomena cannot be overlooked in its  influence upon society.  With the  advances of technology,
many new issues and ideas emerge that challenge intellects  to re-evaluate their perspective on the world.   These
issue range in scope and scale and often draw upon many  different intellectual discipline.  
We strive to find minds that seek to articulate their  thoughts about video games.  And we are  not talking about
your raves and reviews of different titles but rather, the  deeper questions of video games; whether we can create
a real virtual world, or whether morals have a basis for  video games, Northern Touch attempts to put all these
issues into perspective.
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We are always seeking submissions.  If you have an essay you would like to submit, please visit our submission page
for instructions.  Editors will contact you if your article is selected for publishing.  If you are unsure as to what
we expect of our writiers, please read our submission guidelines on the submission page.


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