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I first saw Unico when I was about six or seven.  Somewhere between the ages of eight and fourteen the videos(Both Unico videos) mysteriously vanished.  I spent hours going through our video closet, but found nothing. I then heard that both of my favorite animes were out of print indefinitely.   I looked on Unico web sites for small remembrances of what the movies were like, but I still missed them terribly.  My story could have stopped right there if it wasn't for my brother.  He spent weeks looking Unico up on the web for me, and even bid on it at e-bay.  One day while he was home from college, he surprised me with Unico and the Island of Magic.  I had found and bought the first video, The Fantastic Adventures of Unico, a few weeks prior, but could not find the second.  I was thrilled with my surprise, so here is my thank you to my brother.  Thanks Pookie (my nickname for him)

If you are looking for a copy of Unico, like I was, here are a few tips:

{1} Look around at old video stores in your neighborhood, you never know what they will be willing to sell

{2} Check out huge video warehouses over the net

{3} Always look at trading sites, or auctions


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