Hey, minna! This is Sailor Miranda here again. I'd like you to meet my good friend, Sailor Triton!

Pleased to meet you!

Sailor Triton is being trained by Princess Michiru in the future.

Yes. Trained to fight, trained to paint, trained to play the violin...

H'mmm... perhaps you should stick to your kazoo?

*sigh* How does the saying go... "With friends like you...?"

Heehee... now, if you paid proper attention to Princess Michiru's lessons, you would've had something nice and witty to say just then.

Or perhaps I could just take back my webspace?

Ummm... point taken. Minna, welcome to Castle Triton and our gracious hostess... um... my good friend, Sailor Triton!

I'm getting a strange feeling of deja vu... so without further ado, please enter Castle Triton!