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Kokura Bar & Restaurant Guide

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Airstream (4B) - basement bar, with lots of concrete city style to it. Often full of young'uns.
Der Klub (2C) - dance bar (club?) with regularly scheduled live events.
Fellow (1D) - club with dedicated dance floor. Gets real popular on event nights.
Fujiyama Mama's (1D) - small, crowded and seriously noisy bar. Psycho staff (in a neon-rock kind of way) but don't let that put you off!
Gitane & Vamos(1E) - small, cosy and friendly bars, one above the other.
Grass Roots (2D) - slightly classier than most, and a nice place to have fun with the friendly staff. Website
Gravity Crack (2B) - Basement surfer bar, with boards and surf videos playing.
Lucky Moon (2C) - small log-cabin atmosphere makes for a darkly-lit but very friendly bar. Usually busier with the foreign crowd on Wednesdays or Fridays!
Megahertz (1A) - nicely simple bar, with regular live music events and great curries too!
Pangaea (1E) - newly re-opened reggae bar and restaurant, this time aiming for a more up-market audience.
Patico Tower (1B) - bar aiming to be popular for hanging out and chatting. Billiard table and darts also popular. Also serves good, cheap ethnic food, and nice variety of foreign beers/mixers. Website
Round 5 (2B) - Opened late 2003 in small snack bar premises. 'Whispering' Bob (formerly of Lucky Moon) is hoping the cosy atmosphere and the karaoke will bring in regulars.
S.D.R. (2B) - sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, by the way. A late night bar (very late).
Soap Bar (1C) - Great bar, stupid name. Doubles as a modern art gallery in the day, and shows weird art films on the wall. Comfy mattresses.
Xelha's (1E) - huge bar, very popular with foreigners. Dance floor on weekends! Also has great food (see entry below). Website.

Outside central Kokura:
Surya Paty - permanently smoky bar acting as a cosy local for weekday visits (Kanada).

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Airegin (3C) - classy dining bar with various stylishly presented dishes.
Appandi (3C) - middle-eastern ethnic food, with authentic dishes like lamb shish-kebabs and Mongolian hot-pot, all cooked using specially-imported spices.
Cafe Bongo (2D) - modern retro bar, very popular for its great menu of beautiful dishes.
Cafe de Deux (2F) - bagel and cake cafe in the middle of Amu Shopping Plaza.
Deli (4E, Riverwalk 1F) - New York-style delicatessen sandwich shop, with huge choices and commendably exotic set dishes.
Diner's Cafe (about 0E?) - very authentic 50's atmosphere diner, with huge food portions, excellent decor, and waitresses looking like they just stepped out of West Side Story! Website
Ganesha (3C) - absolutely tiny Indian restaurant, hidden in a basement passageway.
Garlic Restaurant (2F) - why not wash down the garlic with some wine? Garlic wine, of course! Restaurant floor of Amu Plaza.
Haikaratei (2E) - turn-of-the-century decor and food, with waitresses in kimonos and Victorian aprons!
Ichiran (2D) - famous 24 hour ramen shop; much frequented by celebs, and valued for its individual counter compartments. Website.
Jalan Jalan (2D) - fully-themed Asian ethnic restaurant. Sumptious dishes and great decor create the perfect mystery atmosphere.
Kitchen-Q (3C) - modern styling and a small but tasty menu, great for lunches.
Kohinoor (2D) - delicious authentic Indian restaurant, where you can choose your curry's strength! (formerly of Amu Plaza).
Kurufune (3B & 2D) - huge basement yakitori restaurant, with all-you-can-eat/drink deals available.
Lippe (5A) - expensive looking street-side brasserie, with good lunch deals.
Nerui (2D) - classy basement izakaya restaurant, with mouthwatering food, in Kokura's best restaurant area.
Piacerre (4B) - delicious pizzas and pasta dishes, and a riverside location too.
Pizzeria (2D) - classy restaurant with oven-baked pizzas and specialised beers.
Showa Paradise (2B) - all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu restaurant, with great atmosphere.
Xelha's (1E) - see 'drinkeries' section for this bar, which also has gorgeous asian/ethnic food.
Yakyu Dori (2D) - baseball themed yakitori (chicken-on-a-stick) restaurant. Very friendly staff, and great value!
0cm Sandwich Factory (3D & 1F) - offers great hand-made sandwiches with gorgeous, fat fillings.

Outside central Kokura:
Baku - offers the most exotic all-you-can-eat dinner you could imagine (Mihagino monorail).
Barba Pizza - good pizza restaurant that also does deliveries (Kanada).
West - Italian, Chinese, and yakiniku restaurants with 100 yen beers on Friday nights (Kanada)!

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Popeye (1F) - 155 seats available for internet surfing, reading comics, and getting gassed up on endless free drink refills. Located in La Foret Part 1, ground floor.
Espresso Bar (1F) - 6 computers, both Windows and Macs, and freshly-brewed coffee. Located in La Foret Part 2, second floor.
I Love You (4B) - large internet cafe with free drink refills and comfy booths (next to Muji).
Internet Cafe Light (off map) - located in Kimachi (near Minami Kokura JR Station), 20 minute walk from Kokura.

If you know of any other internet cafes in the Kokura area, please let us know...

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