Takashi composing songs




Amane: "Music is very amazing isn't it? All these notes can make people touched & happy."

Takashi: "Can comfort & support people."

Amane: "Words are the same too. Become sentences & then to stories."

Takashi: "Can send out a message."

Amane: "Then inner feelings can be exchanged."


I cannot feel anything from your song Takashi. Is this who you love? The words from an email? A person you never met?


Here, dry your tears. Teru Teru bozu.....I'm waiting for you. Where are you?


Takashi: Have you met the guy you wanted to meet?

Amane: We missed the chance to meet.

Amane: What's that computer for?

Takashi: It's for sending messages.


Takashi: Teru Teru Bozu must be somewhere near....she must be...

Amane: hata san must be somewhere near.....he must be.....


If you want to thank me, kiss me.



Hata san! Hata san! You're hata....



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