"Hasegawa Takashi, 27 years old. Very tired. Tired of work, tired of women. I believe that I'll never love another woman again. This was what I thought. But........" hata

"Murakami Amane, 23 years old today. Living a monotonous life everyday. Face minor troubles but yet to face a major one. Never have & never will. Continue living an ordinary life. That was what I thought. But......" teru teru bozu

The story starts with the 2 main characters lamenting how tired of their lives they are. Hasegawa Takashi is a well known composer for commercial music but takes it only as his work & no longer his passion. Murakami Amane is a bank teller who's been working in the bank for 3 years. She's always bullied by her superior & has become apprehensive of love since her break up a year ago.

Hasegawa Takashi is known as hata for his email name. Takashi sends a midi supposedly meant for his company, AVA but ends up sending it to a wrong add to Amane's (Teru teru Bozu's)account. Amane was captivated by the tune & wrote several mails to hata telling him about her feelings & the things she went through during her work.

Takashi ignores it initially but later finds that what Teru teru Bozu had said in her mails are very much similar to what his ex-girlfriend said. Just as Amane decides to stop mailing hata, she receives a mail from him.


With these 3 words, the internet romance between hata & teru teru bozu begins..........


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