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S.I.C.C. Productions

S.I.C.C. Productions, a division of The S.I.E.G.E.

Welcome models and actors/actreses of all types, please take time to copy and paste this form to email. Please fill out all lines best as possible and we will be in touch. If a particular question or option doesn't apply to you leave it blank.
Non-Nude & Adult content to include:
Calendars, magazines, photo books and movies Name or Alias:
Email and/or phone:
Eye Color:
Contacts (Y/N):
Hair Color:
Sexual Preference (Men Women Both):
Oral (give recieve both):
Anal (Y/N):
Use of 'toys' (Y/N):
Rate your desire to be filmed for an adult video from 1-10:
Have you ever been filmed preforming sexual acts:
Favorite sexual act to preform on others:
Favorite sexual act to have prformed on you:
Describe one of your sexual fantasies:
Desired pay to preform in an adult video/photo-shoot:
Anything you would like to add:

*Send at least 2 good pictures (head shot and full body doesn't have to be nude, but would help if that is your area of inquiry)
*be able to submit STD screen before first shoot if that's your area.
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