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Hi I'm Piccolo.

This page is about DragonballZ. If your not a DragonballZ fan then you shouldn't be here.


Piccolo is a cool guy. He is the evil half of Kami and he used to fight with Goku a lot. But once Radditz arrived on Earth, Piccolo and Goku teamed up. In the end, Piccolo shot a special beam cannon at Raditz, who couldn't dodge it because Goku was holding him. The only reason that Piccolo fought with Goku was because he was evil. After Piccolo and Gokuu teamed up to defeat Raditz (and Garlic Jr.) they slowly became more and more of a team (much like what happened with Vegeta. When the threat of more Saiya-Jins was coming (Nappa and Vegeta) Piccolo took it upon himself to train Gohan. Piccolo was the one who really took the first step to revealing Gohan's hidden powers. Piccolo has also saved Gohan many a times. Piccolo's special attacks are the Special Beam Cannon, his Extendo-Arm and his regeneration.


Goku is a Siayen, He came to earth as a baby to destroy it but, he had hit his head. Hitting his head made him forget where he was from and what he was. He was raised by an old man who found him in the mountains. The old man raised him as his grandson and later died. His grandfather also told him not to look at the moon and he did, he changed into the beast. Thats how his grandfathr died. Goku while growing up met his friends when he was younger. He is now married to Chi Chi the Ox King's daughter and has a son named Gohan. Goku and Piccolo are now friends but it took a long time. Goku and Piccolo helped each other to defeat his brother Raditz. Gohan's powers showed and cracked his armor. That when Goku held raditz while Piccolo formed his Special Beam Cannon. When He shot the beam cannon it Killed both Goku and Raditz. Goku then was send on his way to train under King Ki. Goku's move are the Ko Kan attack, the Kameamieya.


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