Our Daughter From China

It's September, Piper is two, and life is good!

Ni Hao! We're Kris and Andy, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! And on July 14, 1999, in Hefei, Anhui, People's Republic of China, we welcomed our daughter, Miss Piper Qiu-Ping, to the family! Piper was 10.5 months old when we met (her birthday is September 1, 1998) and she was healthy, inquisitive, patient, relaxed, and delightful. She just turned two, and we're pleased to report that she's all of these things and more! Here's our very first photo of Piper, age six months, sent to us from China.

Here are a few happy snaps highlighting how we spent our summer vacation. They're a little slow to load, but we like to think it's well worth the wait. The first one was taken in May. Piper does her best "Ah-nuld" impression. Believe me, she's buff, baby!!

Don't kids always like the box better than its contents? Piper does. She also likes to run around in her "bare bum" hence the strategically placed sticker!

Our little flag-waver celebrated her very first Canada Day in full style.

In mid-July, we flew to Vancouver for a week of R&R with the fam-damily. Here we have cousins Miss Miranda (age 3) and Miss Mackenzie (5 months) with Miss Piper (22 months) on their way to the pool.

July 14, 2000. Our first anniversary as a family. What a year. What an adventure. What a hootinany!

In August we spent a relaxing weekend with two of Piper's best friends and fellow Hefei alumni Miss Leslie (on the left) and Miss Chloe (in the middle). Mama, Dada, Big John, Auntie Doris, and Auntie Donna had a lot of fun, too. But let's face it, since the girls came along, no one wants to see our pictures!

Looks like the move to the new house is on track for February 2001. Here, Piper and Dada check out our new digs (literally!). As of mid-September, there are walls, windows, and roof. What more do you need???

Last but definitely not least, here's our pensive-looking Doodle Bug. She cannot be cajoled into smiling for the camera even when she's having a great time, as she was when this picture was taken. Oh well, she's looks "mah-velous" anyway.

If you'd like to see the floor plans for our new house....

Click Here!

The adoption agency that helped to unite us with Piper Qiu-Ping is Family Outreach International. It is located in Ottawa, and is run by the remarkable Yulin Deng and Bob Stevens. We COULD NOT have been more pleased with all the help and encouragement Yulin and her team provided. If you'd like to visit their site

Click Here!

Here's a link if you'd like to learn more about Hefei (pronounced sort of like "who-fay"), our daughter's home town.

Click Here!

Well, I guess that's about it for now.

Kris, Andy, Piper Qiu-Ping, and her friends (our kitties) JuneBug, Scooter Nutkin, and Rufus thank you for stopping by!! Hope to see you again soon! One last thing: Please take a moment to sign our guestbook. Sign Guestbook View Guestbook

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