Elemental Knight's Index of Elemental Knight-related Things.



Terranotos: Land of the South Wind

Elemental Knight's first (and second) attempt at being a Game Master. Almost two years old, I-DEMON is an epic game spanning at least two different realities, plus a few minor pocket-universes so far. Starring an exploratory group from Earth and the companions they pick up and lose along the way, I-DEMON is more concerned with the evolution of worlds and cultures, amidst a world of real magic and technology, deveeloping side-by-side.
Elemental Knight's third attempt at being a Game Master. Not as epic, but faster-paced, than I-DEMON, Terranotos: Land of the South Wind (TN for short) is very much a character-centric campaign, with elements of obvious humor and satire within the semi-serious campaign. The events, growth, and evolution of the main characters and the denizens of the country of Terranotos are far more important than any major or minor plot contrivance.