Yami Masho AnubisuYami Masho Anubisu
Cale, Warlord of Corruption
Man of Piety
Son of Winter
Lord of Wolves
Gaurdian of Darkness
"Darkness is not as bad as it seems.  In the dark we are alone.  Isolated, we can look at ourselves clearly without interuption."

Name:  Anubis
Meaning:  A-evil, Nu-servant, Bi-increasingly, Su-defend
Real Name:  Kujuurou Sasaki
Meaning:  Ku-nine, Juu-ten, Rou-son, Sa-help, Sa-help, Ki-tree
Birthday: Decemeber 3, 1550
Birthplace:  Northern Honshu
Likes: Frightening people
Dislikes:  Light
“Is there a reason there’s so much light in here?  Turn them all off.  It’s much to bright.  I can’t stand all these lights.”
(?!)(Turns down lights)
“So you want to know about me?  Fine, Anything to get me out of all this light.  When Arago took me, he renamed me Anubisu.  It’s the name of an Egyptian Jackal God so he thought it was appropriate. He gave me the Yami yoroi and a long no-datchi.  With it I could call upon the Koku Rou Ken Ankoku Cho Uhigiri.  It means Black Wolf Sword Leaping Darkness.  I am most powerful in the dark, where I can sneak up on my apponent or bring up a death frost.  My virtue is Ko. In english it means filial piety.  Oh, and I can protect people who have fallen into the darkness.  Can I go now?”
Filial means of or pretaining to a son or daughter.  Piety means devotion or reverence to God.  What this has to do with Kujuurou-san I am unable to ascertain.  Actually, there is very little I can ascertain from this interview.  He was so adament about getting away from the lights even after I turned them down to a point where I could barely take notes.  I wonder what he’s hiding from.  Perhaps the reason why he hides in the dark has something to do with Arago and the supposed yoroi.  In depth interviews required.
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