Man of Evil
Son of Ambition
Lord of Youjakai
Guardian of his Purposes
"The nature of evil is everywhere.  In everyone.  That is what I feed on."

Case Subject: Arago
Meaning: A-flattery, Ra-silk, Go-cream
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Residence: Youjakai
Interests: getting revenge on Kaosu, manipulating Kayura and the Ma Sho, conquering the Ningenkai
Dislikes: Kaosu, the Troopers


"Originally, I was the spirit of an evil man.  I used black magic to continue my work after my death.  That was how I was lead to the Youjakai.  I conquered it and took my rightful place as its ruler.  All I needed was Ningenkai.
A thousand years ago, I first came to the Ningenkai as Arago. That monk Kaosu defeated me, but my yoroi remained.  My yoroi was my only link to the Ningenkai and the only thing that allowed me to retain a physical form.  After my defeat, I was noting more than a floating translucent head.  However, the more negative energy and emotions I gathered during my second invasion, the more opaque I became.  But I wanted my physical form back.  So I absorbed the yorois.  After that failure, the only other way to remain physical was to merge the Ningenkai and Youjakai."


I am writing an analysis for a floating head!  It's just there in its room, floating.  The others have seen it and want to attack and destroy it.  I find myself agreeing with them! When this Arago first appeared, everybody tangible grabbed those small fist-sized orbs and seemed to transform into these strange, colorful, formfitting armors.  Kayura pointed her precious shakujo and light emitted from it and I fell asleep.  When I awoke, everything was normal. No one even mentioned Arago.
WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?!?!  Have I become so close to my patients that I'm actually starting to experience the same hallucinations as them?  I'm seeing spirits, imaginary friends, dead people and floating heads!! I'm going crazy!!  I know it!  I feel it happening! Sooner or later I'll be agreeing with these of people and fighting on their side!
I've already put in a vacation leave.  Perhaps some time away from these schizophrenics will settle my nerves.  I hope.
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