Yamano JunYamano Jun
Yuli Yamano
Son of Impulse
Boy of Innocence
Lord of Annoyance
Guardian of his Skateboard
"When I grow up, I'm gonna be just like the Troopers!"

Case Study:
Yamano Jun
Birthday: June 39, 1979
Birthplace: Tokyo?
Residence: Tokyo suburbs
Interests: Skateboarding, kendo
Dislikes: Youja, carrots, studying
Family: Father--breadwinner
"Hi!  My name is Jun Yamano and when I was eight years old I met the Yoroiden Samurai Trropers--the coolest guys in the world! They helped me save my mom and dad from the youjakai and they kicked Arago's butt!  See, my parents were kidnapped by the youjakai along with the rest of Shinjuko.  With nowhere to go, I got to tag along with onee-chan (Nasutei) and the Troopers.  They were really nice and let me ride Byakuen a lot.  I'm gonna have a pet tiger of my own someday.  Ryo and the others helped me out a lot.  The youja seemed to like picking on me.  I guess they didn't realize I had such great onii-chans (the Troopers).  They even inspired me to join a kendo tournament!  And I won too!  Isn't that cool? [...]"
Before I go on I need to say two things: 1. I am not a child psychologist. 2. I love kids, I really do.  But there is something about Jun that just rubs me the wrong way.  Some odd quality that makes it almost impossible to give an objective diagnosis. That being said--WHERE THE HECK WERE HIS PARENTS DURING ALL OF THIS????!!!!!! I talked to both Mr. and Mrs. Yamano.  Neither of them ever recall being "kidnapped", yet Jun never mentions them as he describes his misadventures (and boy are they numerous!).  I've never seen a boy get himself into so much trouble.  And the "Troopers" indulge him by continually going to his aide and solving the problems for him instead of letting him figure it out for himself.
When asked about this, Sanada-san stated, "I guess we're all just used to protecting him.  We were the only support system he had for a long time."
Now, don't get me wrong, idols are great for kids, but somehow I see Jun's bordering obsession.  Though that may be my bais opinion.
Due to my inability to be totally objective, I am submitting a request to transfer him elsewhere where he can be interviewed with unclouded eyes.  I find Jun to be very energetic and willing to try anything.  Except carrots.
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