The Ancient
Man of Time
Lord of Shakujo
Son of Destiny
Guardian of the Ningenkai
"Be true to your virtues."

Case Subject: Kaosu
Meaning: Ka-phonetic, O-male, Su-By all means
Birthday: Unknown, though claims to be over 1000 years old
Birthplace: Around Kanto
Residence: Unknown
Likes: Protecting the Ningenkai
Dislikes: Arago


"My role truly began over a thousand years ago.  Arago first appeared here in the Ningenkai and I defeated him with my Shakujo sword.  After Arago disappeared, his armor still remained.  I knew it was a dangerous weapon, so I sought to diffuse the evil.  I separated them into nine yoroi and then enfused each with the Confucian  or Bushido virtue.  Then they were locked away until the time they were needed.  When they were, I gave them to the Troopers a year before Arago's second invasion.
When the battle began, I assisted them either by throwing the Shakujo to them or by giving them advise.  It was after Shuten's final defeat that I appeared physically to them.  I did what I could to awaken his Bushido virtue, and after that I became the bridge to Arago's fortress in the Youjakai.  It was in the task that my spirit permanently dissipated. Now I can only communicate via the Shakujo, as you can see."


All I did  is pick up Kayura's staff, the shakujo.  The next think I know I'm sitting here writing an analysis for Kaosu!  What's happening to me?  Kaosu was Sanada-san's imaginary friend that Toshitada-san decided to follow!!  How is it that I'm having hallucinations about him?!  I'm starting to go as crazy as everyone here!
*ahem* Well, uh, despite the fact that he claims to be over a thousand years old, Kaosu seems very lucid for someone who doesn't exist. His knowledge of ancient Japan is extensive, a sight of great intelligence. He appears to be very spiritual and wise.  And he seems to be the driving force behind everyone's hallucinations, including my own.
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