Lady Kayura Kayura
Lady Kayura
Daughter of the Youjakai
Woman of the Ancients
Lord of Herself
Guardian of the Future
"Always make proud those who sacrificed themselves for you."

Case Subject:  Kayura
Meaning:  Ka-phonetic, Yu-play, Ra-silk
Birthday:  December 12, 1559, appears 12
Birthplace:  Nara
Residence:  Youjakai (?)
Interests:  Continuing Kaosu's and Sh'ten's will
Dislikes:  Slugs


"I was born under the same religious order as Kaosu.  I don't remember much of those years.  When I was eight, I was kidnapped by Arago and my parents were killed.  Since then, I was a pawn of Arago. I made the perfect offense and defense against the yorois. With the necklace controlling me, my powers were almost infinite. It took the Kikoutei yoroi and the Go Retsu Ken to destroy the necklace and subsequently Arago's control.  Then Badamon possessed me, and I captured the Troopers and the Ma Sho.  Fortunately, Shuten was able to break free and using the Shakujo and the Oni yoroi, I was finally freed totally from Arago.  To this day I have yet to fully repay him and Kaosu...
...While in the Youjakai, I manipulated its light and I wielded twin jitte, the Sei Rei Ken.  Instead of rods, they had actual blades that could extend themselves.  My special attack was the Ran Sei Zan-Storm Star Cut in English."


Kayura is very much like the "Ma Sho".  She claims to have been born in the mid sixteenth century and then taken by this fictional Arago and then controlled.  She is only twelve, yet everybody else, even the older Ma Sho, assert that she is enormously powerful and someone to be reckoned with.
Apparently, she also has a close tie to Kaosu, Sanada-san's imaginary friend and Toshitada-san's mentor.  She claims a more familial, or perhaps cultish tie to him.  I have yet to do any significant research of this religious order or "clan" that Kayura and "Kaosu" belong to. She is very attached to the Shakujo, a staff that supposedly belonged the the fabled monk.  Everyone here claims that it can perform magic, though I doubt it.  Kayura clutches it tightly, nonetheless, so it obviously has some sort of an emotional link or memory to it.  Though I have yet to hear an even plausible true answer.
If the kidnapping and murder are true such a traumatic experience may be at least partly the cause off all the hallucinations.  Such events have been known to cause all sorts of emotional and psychological damage; I wouldn't be surprised if it caused this schizophrenic outburst.
Further questioning required.  Also want to get a look at that shakujo.
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