Doko Masho NaazaDoku Masho Naaza
Sekhmet, Warlord of Venom
Man of Obedience
Son of Summer
Lord of Snakes
Gaurdian of Poison
"Venom is only as bad as you convince yourself it is.  If you don't focus on it you won't feel it."
Meaning:  Na-what, A-deaf-mute, Za-crush
Real Name:  Naotoki Yamanouchi
Meaning:  Nao-ordinary, Toki-time, Yama-mountain, No-this, Uchi-inside
Birthday:  October 8, 1551
Birthplace:  southern Kyushu
Likes:  trapping people
Dislikes:  cold
“Did you know that in Japan there are myths of how certain demons transform themselves into humans and then mate? So any family with snake blood ancestry have different appearances like non-human eyes or scales.”
(And this relates to you how?)[smirks knowingly](sweatdrop.  So tell me about yourself.)
“Well, when I was under Arago, the Doku yoroi was possessed by the snake god Naga.  Let me tell you that fighting the Troopers as well as being controled by Naga AND Arago… [pause]  Let’s just say that I learned to like my work.  I took a lot of pleasure from beating up the boys, not to mention yelling at the looser Sh’ten.  He should never have been in charge.  He was a worthless, cowardly, unworthy favorite.  Arago only gave him a yoroi because Doji was ambitious. Fat lotta good that did him.
 Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, as I was saying.  I enjoyed tearing apart the Troopers while venting my opinions of that Sh’ten. [giggles]  I had the most fun calling upon the Doko’s Ja Ga Ken Musetsu Orochi.  It means Snake Fang Sword Six Headed Orochi.  My poison would gather up and then I would order them to kurushime, to suffer![laughs histerically]  The looks on those kid Troopers gave were priceless!  They stood there like a deer in headlights, it was so wonderful to watch them writh in agony!  What a laugh![laghs histerically again]
[wipes away tears and sighs]  The only other thing I can tell you is that my virtue is Tei—obedience to elders.  Oh, and now that I’ve been freed of Arago’s contol, I use my poison to cure instead of inflicting pain.”
I can see some very clear psychotic tendencies here. 
Naotoki-san seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on the “Troopers”.  He vehemently disses Toshitada and talks about not only being controled by and Asian snake deamon as WELL as the yoroi dillusions and Arago.  At least with Arago I can mildly write it off as sum form of group hallucination; some sort of shared fantasy that went out of control.  But a yoroi possessed by Naga?  I have no information to base where this comes from, though this “possesion” seems to have caused the more rudimentory psychosis and more diagnosable symptoms.
*Sigh*  Now all I need to do is get him to tell me about his REAL childhood.
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