Yagyu Nasutei Yagyu Nasutei
Mia Koji
Daughter of Wealth
Woman of Knowledge
Lord of Computers
Guardian of the Troopers
"It's difficult looking after five adolescent boys.  They're always running this way and that.  But at least they try hard."

Case Study:
Yagyu Nasutei
Birthday: May 28, 1970
Birthplace: France?
Residence: a mansion in Odawara
Interest: Romance literature, driving
Dislikes: Secrets
Family: Father--Japanese
            Grandfather--deceased.  A romance professor at Sengoku University
"My name is Yagyu Nasutei.  I was born May 28, 1970.  I moved to Japan to work with my grandfather, and therefore had to get a temporary license.  I've been driving since I was seventeen.  My home is in Odawara, a little town in the Kanagawa Prefecture south of Tokyo [...]
"After my grandfather died [pause] I had to look through all the data he had collected over the years as a romance professor (a romance professor?) Yes.  I think you call it something else in America.  Romance literature is the study of fictional, usually mythological settings stories, such as King Arthur or the Canterbury Tales.  We have our own myths in Japan as well, and I've always had a great interest in it.  My love of it helped me get through some of my grandfathers' dryer essays and speculation on the origins and historical basis' of these legends.  It was his life's research that helped the Troopers.[...]
"[...] I was able to go through his notes and in that way helped the Troopers a lot.  I also used my financial resources when they were staying with me.  (Staying with you?) Yes.  After Arago's initial defeat, we all needed to take a breather, so I offered to have them stay a while with me.  Let me tell you, it's difficult having five teenage boys around the house, but they all see me as a big sister and try to please me.  They've even been training me in how to use the naginata.  Hopefully now if the youjakai ever comes back, I wouldn't have to rely on the Troopers saving me.  I always hated being unable to take care of myself."
FINALLY!!!!  Someone who doesn't believe that they're wearing a mystical yoroi!!!!!  *whew* I was starting to get worried.  Of course, that makes things rather difficult for me, since it kind of blows my theory about some kind of hallucination en masse.  If it were true, they all would be experiencing the same hallucination.  Yet Yagyu-san doesn't seem to be experiencing the same symptoms as the others.  In fact, she appears to have been perfectly lucid until "Arago's" initial attack. This occurred around the time of her grandfathers death.  Perhaps that psychological trauma is somehow the root of all this.  Another Anna O.?
She doesn't talk much about her life before Japan, telling me it's her private life and that she would rather not talk about it.  While that answer is more direct than those of the supposed "Masho", I need to know more about her and her family life to understand why she chose to hallucinate as a stress release of her grandfather's death. Have these episodes happened before?  Why does her delirium seem to cause her even more stress?  What were the real reasons for inviting five boys to her house?
Further interviewing required.
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