Gen Masho RajuraGen Masho Rajura
Dais, Warlord of Illusion
Man of Endurance
Son of Fall
Lord of Spiders
Gaurdian of the Mind
"Spells and illusions show a person's true self. They bring forth their inner most feelings and emotions, bringing the serenity."

Name:  Rajura
Meaning:  Ra-spiral, Ju-spell,Ra-silk
Real Name:  Jirourgorou Kurada
Meaning:  Ji-next, Rou-husband, Go-five, Rou-man, Kuro-blank, Da-rice field
Birthday:  September 19, 1549 (wait a sec, that OUR birthday!!!)
Birthplace:  around Kanto
Likes:  confusing people
Dislikes: getting up early
“My name is Gen Masho Rajura.  When I became a follower of Arago he gave me that name and the spider yoroi.  Its weapon are a half a dozen sythes on my back as well and morning stars and the nunchuka.  I use the sythes in the Tochmou—the Spiderweb Cast—where I enfulf my enemies in webbing and create illusions to trick them.
[smiles proudly]  After Shuten left I was the next one to see what Arago’s plans were.  My virtue is Nin, endurance.  Since Arago’s death I use my illusions to aid troubled minds.”
(Is there anything else you want to share?)
[snickers and smirks]  “I’ve given you enough.  You should figure the rest out.”
Figure it our my tail.  Like Kujuurou and Naotoki, Jirougorou-san seems unwilling to divulge his true past like the “Troopers” and Toshitada did.  Jirougorou enjoys giving me puzzles to solve and is always tricking the others in the Psyche Ward.  He seems to display great intelligence and ability to work with people based on this, but I find his deceptive nature distrubing.  The need to trick others possibly suggest a form of psychosis mounted on top of this apparent epidemic of schitzophrenia that seems to be sweeping over the entire Psyche Ward.  More questioning required.
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