Rekka no RyoRekka no Ryo
Ryo of the Wildfire
Man of Virtue
Son of Lava
Lord of Heat
Guardian of Fire
“Fire provides warmth.  Its heat represents the love given from one creature to another.  Do not be afraid of fire; it fuels you.”

Case Study:
Sanada Ryo
Meaning: Sana-Truth, Da-Rice Field, Ryo-Distant
Birthday: August 15, 1973
Birthplace: Yamanashi
Residence: previously a log cabin in the mountains, currently he lives in Tokyo
Interests: Soccer, hiking, Moguru Tataki (a video game), nature
Dislikes: Lukewarm baths, flavored ice, interviewing (sweatdrop)
Family: Father-wildlife photographer often goes on long trips, leaving money for Ryo’s expenses
             Mother-died when he was very young
“[twitches nervously] *mumbles* Hi.  My name is Sanada Ryo, I was born August 15, 1973.  We Sanada’s were part of a famous ninja clan, but I never met that side of the family; ‘cause m’dad left.  He didn’t like the strict conventions.  M’mom died before I remember, and her side’a the family never visited. [shifts in seat] I lived my entire childhood in a log cabin in the mountains. It was a nine mile walk to school, but I never minded.  I love nature…
…I’ve met Byakuen a couple of times before he moved in.  The first time I was four, then seven, then ten.  I remember it was winter, a fresh snow had fallen. Byakuen had sought me out and chose me.  Then Kaosu appeared, and he started my training.  [glances down] I didn’t get my yoroi then though, it was later…
…it was about a year before Arago invaded.  Poachers had been snooping around the last few days, I confronted them and they threatened to shoot me.  Later, there was a forest fire and they got caught in it.  Bakas.  [starts to relax] So I jumped into the fire and absorbed the flames.  The flames became my subarmor.  I was told later that Jin had appeared on my forehead…”
This poor man grew up alone. With no social experiences, he cares not for what people think of his attire, which I give him credit for, but he has no experience in social situations. He prefers being alone and dealing with whatever problems he has accordingly. It is painfully obvious in group sessions, and I will have to work with him on that.
Despite these drawbacks, I find him to have a large heart and very cheerful and lively, though he can be impatient and stubborn.  I believe due to his extreme lonliness, he created his Kaosu and linked him to Byakuen in order to make the cat even more important to him.  Kaosu was invented as an “imaginary friend” (even if this IS at a much older age) to talk to and relate to.  He claims that Kaosu died, and he even mourned, which makes me wonder just how deeply into his psychosis he had submerged.  Further interviews required-weather he likes it or not.
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