Korin no SeijiKorin no Seiji
Sage of the Halo
Man of Courtesy
Son of the Sun
Lord of Light
Guardian of the Soul
“To stray away from light is to enter darkness. To be in darkness is to be in fear, hate, and ignorance.  Light is safety.”

Case Subject:  Date Seiji
Meaning: Date-Show-off, Seiji-Conquering Warrior
Birthday:  June 8, 1973
Birthplace: Sendai, Miyagi
Residence:  Family dojo in the outskirts of Sendai
Interests:  Bamboo flute, anything sword related, Kendo, Avant Guarde, Bonzai
Dislikes: Any association with girls
Family:  Grandfather-a hearty old man, the head of the family.  He is responsible for Seiji’s
                    upbringing—raising him as a Bushi (warrior) of the Eido period, as he was.
               Father-a police officer and fellow practitioner in Kendo.  He married into the family
               Mother-second only to her father in the dojo
               Yayoi-older sister by five years.  A medical student and another practitioner of Kendo.
                    She is also formal like Seiji.
               Satsuki-younger sister by two years.  Unlike the rest of the family, she has no interest in
                    Kendo and speaks normally.  She has a nickname for Seiji-“Ni-Chan”
“[looks around nervously] Uh, my name is Date Seiji.  I am descended from Date Masamune, who built a castle in Sendai, where I live.  [glances down] Uh, *ahem*.  He was called the ‘One-Eyed Dragon’.  I don’t know why though.  But Touma asked me about it once.  I guess because of my ‘one-eye’ appearance.
[glances down again] When I was still a baby, I was not a very healthy child.  [starts to blush] And in the Japanese culture, it is believed that girls are easier to raise.  So [turns REALLY red] they… dressed me as a girl
Uhm, around this time, Yayoi, my sister, got the idea to use me as a doll.  She dressed my up and such things.  She never let’s me forget it.  She has a picture of me with ribbons in my hair….
….In elementary school, I was avoided a lot.  The other children said that my eyes were scary, and they would run away crying.  Honestly, I do not think being blond helped much either. This went on for a while until Yayoi suggested I have my hair over one eye.  I think she did it so she could play with my hair.
About this time, Grandfather began to teach me Kendo.  Now Kendo has a LOT of etiquette, and me being very young, didn’t like it.  So I would do the fighting part, but not the etiquette part. Needless to say, Grandfather was more than a little agitated, and would often send me to the basement for punishment.  When I was about eight or so, he taught me about bonzai and gave me a bamboo flute to play. He felt it would teach me restraint.  I suppose it did, but I still did everything I could to rebel against all the etiquette, but it eventually rubbed off on me.
A good example of my rebellious nature probably would be when I was ten.  I had been expressly forbidden several times to use the sacred family swords.  But, being me, I took one and played with it in the courtyard.  I was doing rather well for a while until I heard my mother calling to someone in the dojo.  I panicked, thinking she had seen me, and lost my concentration.  By accident, I broke on of Grandfather’s bonzais.  A tulip was in front of it, so he never noticed, and I never told him [hangs head] because I feared what he would do to me.
I received my yoroi after I demonstrated that I understood the concepts of ‘rei’.  In the summer of my second year of junior high, I was challenged at the dojo by Kazamatsuri Shinjo, another famous Kendo practitioner.  I had won that year’s spring kendo tournament for Northeast Japan, but Shinjo had not attended.  He wanted to try now.  Grandfather forced me into the fight.  During which, when Shinjo was losing, he threw something into my eyes.  However, because of my hair, only my left eye was affected.  Furious, I knocked off his face protector, which is a HUGE breach in etiquette, and knocked him out.
No one knew what Shinjo did.  Grandfather, furious himself, sent me down to the basement for punishment again.  It was not until later when Shinjo awakened did everyone learn the truth. By drawing shame to myself, I saved him.  For if his deception had become known, he would have been forever banned from kendo.  Anyway, it was in the basement that I had found my yoroi.
I did not attend the ’88 tournament, because of Arago, and Shinjo won the championship.  He sent me a letter afterward, saying he hoped that we would meet at next year’s tournament.  Also in the letter, he told me that I didn’t look bad with both eyes, and why not cut my hair.  Touma and Shuu read this and chased me around the house with scissors.  They never read the part where Shinjo speculated that maybe my victory was due at least partially to how intimidating my eyes looked.”
I believe Seiji had a rougher childhood than he is currently letting on.  A blond boy with sharp, pale eyes in Japanese society with a sister who consistently taunts him can’t be easy. I would think that he went through several ordeals such as these. Perhaps this is where his “armor” comes from.  It makes him feel stronger in such situations.
I also disapprove of his Grandfather’s teaching methods.  Being an admitted rebel can be quite infuriating, but that doesn’t constitute sending a CHILD to a cold, dark basement.  I understand that in Japanese culture, one respects ones family.  But is it necessary to fear them?  This bears further questioning.
Yet I wonder if it should be me that does it.  At the beginning of the interview, he was extremely nervous, fidgeting and glancing around constantly.  He is the same way toward the other female doctors in the faculty.  This is probably due to Yayoi, his older sister.  She classically conditioned him to believe that girls will tease him and chase him around.  This is compounded by his handsome face, and because of it women actually DO chase him around.  Future sessions will confirm this.
Despite these drawbacks, he seems generally healthy.  Except for women, he is fairly well adjusted to social situations, and has a tight circle of friends with whom he’s very close.  He’s a little sensitive, most likely because of the teasing when he was younger, but he does not show it.  He is very controlled and calm, though I have seen him become so upset he was driven into a blind rage.  I have an account of it somewhere….
Seiji seems very wise beyond his years and is very outspoken on moralistic and ethical matters.
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