Suiko no Shin Suiko no Shin
Cye of the Torrent
Man of Trust
Son of the Sea
Lord of the Ocean
Guardian of Water
“The sea is like a person.  It can be both calm or raging; lashing out at anyone.  Be wary of this, and you will grow.”

Case Subject: Mouri Shin
Meaning: Mou-Hair, Ri-Benefit, Shin-Stretching
Birthday: March 14, 1973-White Day, when boys give the girls they like white chocolate (mmm)
Birthplace: Hagi, Yamaguchi
Residence: an apartment in Tokyo
Interests: Cooking, Basketball, the tea ceremony, flower arrangement
Dislikes: none stated
Family: Father-died when Shin was very young, originally leader of the Mouri family
             Mother- has a weak heart and is often sick or in the hospital.  She now runs the Mouri
                    pottery business until Sayoko can take over.
             Sayoko-Shin’s older sister by ten years.  Married to Shizuka Ryuuske who works at the
                    Marine Research Institute.
“Well, the Mouri name comes from my ancestor Mouri Motonari.  He was a famous naval officer in the navy [Southern Japan]. In the Meiji period, our family were dukes.  And for generations, our duty was and still is to protect the Hagi Sea; so we’re all very well attuned to the sea, me more than the rest for obvious reasons. [smiles proudly]
There’s nothing really special about my childhood.  I grew up with my mom and my sister Sayoko, who’s married now.
You’re American, so I don’t know if you’ll know this, but in elementary school there are these mandatory medical examinations [Physicals?]  Yes, like those.  Well, uh, *ahem* one time when I went to the nurse for the physical?  I, uh, was wearing, sort of by accident, my, uhm, my sisters undergarments.[Both doctor and patient blush]….
….Hm, I was 15 when I got my yoroi Suiko. I was looking through some old family scrolls, and an old passage said for men to enter manhood, they must dive into the Hagi Sea.  Supposedly, it’s very deep, but I don’t think so.  I mean, I can dive to the bottom without an airtank.  So, wanting to be a man, I dove down to the deepest crevice I knew of (with the help of Suiki, the orca) and I found a little ball.  It was then that I found Suiko.  I told my mom about it and I guess she knew about it, ‘cause she said, ‘At last it has come.’
I first met Sayoko’s fiancé when I went back to Hagi to visit.  She’d fallen ill again.  Uh, it was before Arago came back the first time.  Shuu went with me because he knew where I come from is famous for hagiyaki, which is a type of pottery. He thought it was food.  *Sigh* Shuu will be Shuu.
Anyway, at first, Sayoko was going to leave the family.  If that happened, I would have to give up high school AND being a Trooper in order to come back and take care of the family business. But I put it aside and tried to get to know  Ryuusuke.  He asked me if I hated the sea.  That, to me, was an insult.  Shuu even scolded him for being a ‘bad big brother’.
Anyway, that coupled with Sayoko giving up her own dreams in the marriage AND his lack of knowledge of the Mouri family got me really upset.  I put back my yoroi where I found it and then challenged Ryuusuke to a diving contest in the Hagi Sea—whoever dives deeper. Shizuka was surprised when I dived without an air tank.  Before we finished though, Shuu called us back up.  An oil tanker had spilled over the Hagi Sea.  I dived back down with Ryuusuke to get my yoroi. However, the place I put it in had become covered with rocks.  As I tried to move the rocks, Ryuusuke saw Suiki move toward me.  Shizuka threw himself in between us, fearing for my life.
My opinion totally changed about Ryuusuke. I signaled that everything was alright.  I remember that look on his face as I hugged the orca.  Suiki opened his mouth, and in it was Suiko.  The two of us rode Suiki to the surface and I called upon my yoroi.  Using it, I cleaned up the oil spill.  Later, Ryuusuke decided to marry INTO the Mouri family.  After that, Seiji picked us up, since Shuu used up all our money on food…”
Shin has spent his childhood years growing up with women.  So, naturally, he has learned to behave in a very feminine manner.  He is very gentle and polite.  He is considerate and often times in group session is the peacemaker.  Though I have yet to see it, he has told me that though it takes a lot, it is when he is angered that he is the most dangerous.  He has told me that when angered he becomes very quiet and focused, and that these fits can last for a few days.
I admit I’m surprised he is so adept and functional, considering he grew up without his father.  I have read studies of how boys in a fatherless home tend to be more violent.  Yet Shin by contrast hates to fight.  I believe he had a prominent male somewhere in his childhood that he doesn’t even realize, like a teacher perhaps, coupled by having a gentle personality and a loving home.  I feel it good that there are men out there who are sensitive and understanding, though Freud would most likely disagree with me.  He would say that Shin never fully entered the Oedipus complex.  [Oedipus complex is when boys love their mothers and are jealous of the father, who gets her. Therefore, the boy becomes the father in order to impress the mother]  Because there was no father figure in his life, Freud would say that Shin never developed a sense of competition or of how a man behaves.  But this is only assuming men are supposed to fit into a certain stereotype.
I can find no disorders of any kind and can conclude thus far no reasonable explanation for his delusions of his “yoroi”. Shin seems very healthy, and he has a good sense of self.
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