Oni Masho ShutenOni Masho Doji Sh'ten
Anubis, Warlord of Cruelty
Man of Loyalty
Son of Spring
Lord of Ogres
Gaurdian of Kaosu's Legacy
"One must follow the old ways and values. The Ancient times are those of wisdom and kowledge, something we all need."

Name: Doji Shuten
Meaning: Doji-kid, Shu-red, Ten-sky
Real Name: Toshitada Koma
Meaning:Toshi-excellence, Tada-loyalty, Koma-a part of Ancient Korea
Birthday:  May 5, 1551- Children’s Day
Birthplace: near Kyoto
Likes: Beating up the troopers (old one), self improvement, reading, writitng
Dislikes: Beans
“My father died when I was just a boy.  I was a soldier of a small fief in an era of civil wars.  I entered the army very young, and I had great ambitions.  I desired everything under the sky.  All the power I aquired in my youth was not enough, however.  It was at this time that Arago found me and made me a Masho.
He gave me a yoroi and a new name—Sh’ten Doji.  He intended it as a joke I think, It means Red-top Child. The yoroi he gave me was the Oni—the Ogre yoroi of spring.  It’s weapon was the kusari-gama, a sythe with a clawed weight and a chain.  Under Arago’s influence my ego was enhanced and my strength rivaled that of the mighty Kongo.  My power drew power from evil thoughts and absorbed excess energy of the others.  When I had gathered enough I released it in the Ko Rai Sei—Red Lighting.
I was the youngest of the other Masho but I was the most powerful, thus Arago put me in charge.  The others never really accepted it, and I received a lot of remarks and fests from the others.
The more experience and fighting, the more egotisical and obssessed I became.  The bolder I became, the more I questioned Arago’s orders.  I later learned  that it was my kanji-chu, which means loyalty.  It was overriding Arago’s brainwashing and showing me my true power.  Kaosu took this a step further and freed me from Arago’s control.  I owe a great debt to him, and I am still paying it.  I have taken Kaosu’s place, learning the sectets of the shakujo and doing my best to follow the monk’s will.”
(Interesting.  Is there anything more you would like to tell me?)
“To be frank, no.”
 Of the four “masho”, Toshitada-san was the only one to give me any clue about his history before this supposed Arago.  And what he tells me is clearly delusional.  If any of this is at all in some form of colored or imagined event based on reality, then perhaps the reason for his childhood ambition stemmed from the loss of his father.  Seeking to be bettter than him, coupled with teenage angst and anxiety may have driven him over the edge and made the Arago and Netherworld delusions.  However, since there is so little about his past known, I cannot draw a concrete conclusion.  Everything I have said thus far is pure speculation.
Though Toshitada-san has yet to escape this schitzophrenic fantasy world, he seems to have made some progress before coming to the Psyche Ward.  He seems to have switched dieties from Arago to Kaosu, an imaginary friend created by Sanada-san.  This change in voices that he hears seems to have had a positive affect, making him calmer and less angry.  I speculate that this is because he has finally grown out of his teens and has created a clear sense of self.  Further interveiws required to confirm.
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