Kongo no ShuKongo no Shuu
Kento of the Hardrock
Man of Justice
Son of Fault
Lord of Stone
Guardian of Earth
“It’s good to be strong like stone.  Strength is the key to good living.  If you are strong, you stand up for you way of life.”

Case Subject:  Rei Fuan Shuu
Meaning:  Rei-lovely, Fuan-yellow, Shuu-excellent
Birthday:  September 1, 1973
Birthplace:  Kanagawa (Yokohama)
Residence: family restaurant in Chinatown Yokohama
Interests:  food, judo and Kunfu, eating, arm wrestling, food, video games, food
Dislikes:  Devil’s tongue and swallows nest (types of food….sweatdrop)
Family: Grandfather-head of the clan that the Rei Fuan family is part of.  Shuu will most likely take
              Father-Chan Run, owner of the Chinese restaurant in Yokohama, which is now become a
                chain.  A practitioner in Kunfu.
             Mother-master and teacher of Kunfu.  She’s taught Shuu since he was very young.
             Rinfi-3 years younger, stubborn and a realist
             Yun-younger brother by 5, cute
             Mei Ryu-younger brother by 8, mischievous
             Chun Fa-younger sister by 11
              Uncle Chen-owns the New York chain.  Blood relation is yet to be determined.
“My name is Rei Fuan Shuu, I was born Sept 1, 1973.  My idols are Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.  I’m the oldest of 5 and the strongest Trooper of all time!  [grins]  My ancestors are immagrants, they moved into Japan during the Ching Dynasty.  And my yoroi first surfaced around that time.  It was supposed to belong to only one family, but we never knew which one.  Until I got it, obviously. [Families?]  Oh yeah, that’s right.  You’re an American. Immigrants never come one family at a time.  All the family’s on this one boat made a pact to stick together.  They picked a leader and called him Grandfather.  I guess he musta been really old or something. Anyway, they imagrated ta Japan an’ settled in Yokohama.  And that’s the history of my clan…
…We’ve become pretty prosperous since then. My dad owns a chain restauraunt and we’re bringing in a lotta money…
“When I was thirteen, Grandfather secretly gave me a test to see if I was worthy of the family treasure.  During summer vacation, me and Rinfi and Yun went to the family resort where the family treasures were kept.  We met an old lady on the way and invited her along.  Several treasures were broken, either by my sibs or the old lady, I’m not really sure which.  So, in order to take the blame offa them and onto myself, I broke some of the treasures myself on purpose. This awoke the GI heart.
Kongo appeared before me and then vanished, leaving the sphere behind.  Rinfi and Yun didn’t notice.  But I guess the old lady did.  She revealed herself to be Grandfather. And he told us the treasures were cheap imitations.  Boy, was I relieved…
…Can we eat now?  I’m hungry.  Y’know, Shin says I must spend half my life eating.  But, hey!  I’m a growin’ boy!  Mom says I’d pilfer the fridge when I was younger. But it’s not like I don’t know self control.  I yielded to my siblings. I even drank sour milk once, ‘cause that’s what yogurt is made from. Now about that food…”
Like Shin, Shuu seems to be the most stable of all of them, making it hard to determine where this faux yoroi comes from.  Being part of a clan AND being the oldest of five has made him a very people person.  Despite his short temper and stubbornness, he of all the five is least likely to get into a serious argument. He is well adept at handling various personalities, and is actually quite the clown.  He enjoys making people smile almost as much as he enjoys eating.  I just hope our food budget holds out…
Anyway, I must take note of his very healthy ego.  He is not snobby about being rich, but heaven help you if you don’t think he’s the strongest.  He was obviously well nurtured as a child.  He is very confident and lighthearted.
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