Tenku no ToumaTenku no Touma
Rowen of the Strata
Man of Wisdom
Son of the Stars
Lord of the Heavens
Guardian of the Wind
“The best way to be is to be like the wind. Live lightheartedly.  Only be mad when feuled.  To do this is to be happy.”

Case Study:  Hashiba Touma
Meaning:  Ha-Feather, Shiba-Firewood, Tou-Right, Ma-Flax
Birthday:  Oct 10, 1973 (Sports Day)
Birthplace:  Osaka Fu
Residence: an apartment in Osaka
Interests:  Go, chess, baseball (doesn’t play), puzzles, computer games, jogging and swimming
Dislikes:  Kyodai fans  (a baseball team.  He prefers Hanshin)
Family:  Father-Genichirou. A university researcher, who specializes in physics and astronomy.
                    A little eccentric, he never leaves his lab, and is so out of touch with social standards--
                    he has a beard.
              Mother-a full decade younger than her ex, she gave birth to Touma when she was 18.
                    She is an international journalist.
“Hey, I’m Hashiba Touma, recipient of the Tenku yoroi.  The name Hashiba comes from Toyokimi Hideyoshi, who united Japan before Tokugawa.  It’s said the Hashiba clan was wiped out by him, but this obviously is untrue.  An interesting item about myself is that I have AB blood.  And supposedly, that means I’ve very high pride, a tendency to insult, and often take revenge.
There isn’t anything truly outstanding about my life.  My parents divorced when I was twelve.  It was a friendly divorce, I believe, because she can drop by anytime she wants, since she obtained a spare key.  My father owns a lab in Kyoto, and he spends a lot of time there.  I never really minded, because I always spent a lot of time between school and the library, and other various locations that provided intellectual stimulation.  I have a 250 IQ.  If you don’t believe me, just look at the Intelligence Quota Test we all received.  Probably because of this, I’ve always been treated as an adult, despite whatever age I was at the time.  Ma always did say I acted like an old person.  Which probably explains why I enjoy such intellectually challenging activities, such as detective stories…
…In my father’s side of the family, there has been a legend about a yoroi that the family once had, but lost. I was researching ancient history and strategy, taking interest in this opposite to what my father researched.  I created a computer program to analyze the data but couldn’t understand the output.   My ma happened to drop by that day and identified it as ‘Ama no hashidate’, one of the three famous sites of Japan and where I trained later. It was there that I received my yoroi.  I went there during the spring vacation of my second year third semester of junior high.  It was about a year before the battle started…
…Speaking of academics, I once received a zero on the arithmetic section of a practice college exam.  Apparently, I forgot to write my name, and the teacher was a substitute and didn’t know me…
…I find I also enjoy eating and sleeping. I have low blood pressure, so it’s harder for me to wake up, and I’m sure doing experiments until 2 a.m. doesn’t help.  I mean, for me, early is 11 a.m.  And I do confess I have a bit of a sweet tooth…”
The average IQ of a person is between 70-150. Above this you are considered a genius.  The highest recorded IQ that I’m aware of is 222.  And yet here sits Touma with an Intelligence Quota of 250.  In a Psyche Ward.  *sigh*  But, like many savants, I don’t believe he was given a childhood.  After his parents divorced when he was twelve, he was left virtually alone, his father in his lab, and his mother didn’t have custody.  His intellect secluded him also, making sure his only social contact was to copy answers or cheat on tests.  The other clientele are his first real friends, and because of this he’d do anything to protect them.
He is a very cool and self-possessed person, matching his computer like intellect, but because he spent his teen years alone-the time when emotions are at their peek-he never really learned how to handle his emotions, and therefore make him very violent when provoked.
Being so intelligent, perhaps his imagination provoked these hallucinations of the yoroi, so that he could be everything he expects of himself.  Which I believe is a lot.  All his life he was treated like and expected to be an adult.  Now that he is one, I feel he’s not sure what to do next, which might be why he heavily relies on his yoroi.
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