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Normally, I wouldn't make a hate shrine. But, this isn't for me. This page is dedicated to Sasha, the great Japan lover and Touga hater...under construction

Shrine to destrying the enemy of women and all people, Kiryuu Touga

My goal is to make a very ugly shrine for him as a great insult.

Reason for being creepy #1-
He's a slut

Reason 2- Crimes against Utena-he messes with Utena's mind, kisses her forcibly, etc

Touga himself...oh, yuck. Isn't he ugly? He should be in a zoo. Or even better, let's exchange him with a poor innocent elephant in a circus with an abusive trainer so Touga gets beaten like he deserves instead of a poor nice elepahant.  I just feel sorry for all of the armadillos that look like repulsive Touga.

Did you know...?
- Touga is now under investigation for alleged crimes against women.
- Touga baths only once a month (sleeping with lots of people is time-consuming)
- his parents were an insect and some ectoplasm
- He wears a wig.
- He has been killed. Bwah hah hah!

And, the greatest crime of all, in my opinion:
His voice, the one that says all those creepy things, is done by Koyasu Takehito-sama, seiyuu of my beloved Hori-sama, the kindest emperor in all of the Shijintenchisho. Gomen nasai, Hori-sama!

The truth about Touga revealed!!!!!!
He is actually a
BALD HALF MAN/ HALF WOMAN!!!! Here's a picture of his deformed arm, below! Creepy ne!

Weird, but true.Touga's arm--------->>>

<---- The side of Touga that most don't see. And did you know...? Touga is actually 500. He ages slowly. It's another example of how deformed he is.

<----- Touga's back. The prostitutes he's with don't notice because he's always with them in the dark. Ewww. Let's castrate Touga.