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My 'modest' collection of Fanctions. If you have one, please send it in! ^^ Also, if anybody is willing to be a BETA reader for these, PLEASE E-mail me! All of these can be found at under the pename Chibidragon7
Blood Stained, Honor Bound
by Serena Tomoe
Boba Fett's past is about to catch up to him. A mermaid, a Jedi Master, and Andriod, and a Bounty Hunter... throw in an ancient Sith Sorceress, and you've got a reason to save the universe...
Five years after ROTJ Star Wars R
by Serena Tomoe
Trunks' life isn't going anywhere. In fact, its come to a complete standstill... Until a dead Sayia-jin drops outta hell right onto his head... Now he's dealing with a sensual (and alcohol, not to meantion absoulutly insane) girl determined to kick his sorry butt, two rather mad ghosts, a book that can raise the dead, and his own puberty. ^^
Dragonball Z     
Final Fantasy: Gravity
by Serena Tomoe
One fateful night, a ghost visits Cloud, and the next day hes kidnapped! Now, AVALANCHE's former leader and ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife is caught in a war between the Summons and creatures from 'Exile'. The result? A race to save the planet, a rather defensive Sephiroth clone, and... well, read and see for yourself ^^
Final Fantasy 7   pg-13
Red Thread
by Serena Tomoe
Two years have passed since the pink-haired girl left Ohtori academy, leaving the duelists there with fragmented memories and a sense of loss. But not all is what it seems for the chick inside the egg...
Amour, Veritie, and Revolution are Waiting... 
Revolutionary Girl Utena    pg-13
Morpheus Nocturne
by Serena Tomoe
The King of Dreams... The Lord of Nightmares...
Nightmare and Reality are blurring, one ancient betrayl catalyzing a series of events with Xellos Metallium at the center ring. The one thing that can save him is the one thing he despises the most...
The Slayers    pg-13
Liberi Fatali
by Serena Tomoe
Based on a comic by the same name.
Seventeen years after the famed bloodbath, Crystal Lake and Elm Street have been granted a hazy peace.
Until Eris and Dorian get invloved.
A Goddess and a Game. Roll the dice. Roll Your Destiny.
San Fran is about to become a battleground...
Freddy vs Jason    R
Deus Ex
by Serena Tomoe
Take an Animagus, a self-fashioned Dark Lord, a Malfoy, a talking hat, ancient prophecies, a freindly dementor, a couple of bounty hunters, snogging, explosive love spells, an ill-concived plan, and an authoress who just ran off with your canon perceptions, and you've got... well... the Rise of Voldemort ; P
Harry Potter    pg-13
Short Stories:
Heart of the Heartless
by Serena Tomoe
They fear the Golden Light. They seek the Third Door. They are haunted by the Weapon of Wonder and Ruin. Inside the darkness, one promise may be just enough to save.... 
Kingdom Hearts    pg
The Sweetest Victory
by Serena Tomoe
It's in your last moments that you relize what you valued most in life.... 
The Slayers    pg-13
Hallow's Eve
by Serena Tomoe
Halloween. The Joker. When your dead you have alot of time to think about your mistakes...
Batman    pg-13
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