Songs and sounds!

Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku is the best of all.

Here are some songs in Real Audio or Mp3. Well some are midis... just download them they are great!!!!!

Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku One of the best pieces of work of DBZ. This song has a great rythm and an outstanding melody that will make you feel as if you are Gogeta SSJ4 throwing a BigBang-Kamehameha attack to your brother in-law!!!!! Size:1.4Mb

Mp3 file

Dan Dan Kokoro HikaretekuI This is a midi version. Itīs quite good and very fast to download!!! Size:34 kb

Midi File

Dan Dan Kokoro HikaretekuII This is another version in midi. Itīs more complete that the previous but sounds less atractive! Size:69kb

Midi File

Kakarotto Brolly saying Kakarotto... Size:40kb

Wav file