Enjoy of some great movies. Many of them were taken from other pages! I apologize.

Vegetto, fusion of Kakarotto and Vegeta kickings buu´s ass and not even converted ssj!!!!


Buubash.mpeg Size: 800kb
Gohan is really pissed with bojack. And in ssj2 hw destroys him with a great power. NEW!!!!


gohan2_vs_bojack.mpeg Size: 1.4Mb
Goku ssj starts fighting with Cell and some cool techniques are used. NEW!!!


cellvsgok.mpeg Size: 1.6Mb
Gohan gets angry and starts killing all the Cell JRs. at ssj2 level! NEW!


gohancjr.mpeg Size: 350kb
Goku ssj4 is trying to find Kaiho Shin but with Vegita Baby Oohzaru its very difficult! NEW!


babyohz2.mpeg Size: 700kb
Cell thorows a power to Vegeta who is lying with no defence and Gohan receives the power blast over one arm. NEW!


gohblock.mpeg Size: 630kb

The most powerfull fusion ever. Goku ssj4 and Vegeta ssj4 join to create Gogeta!!!!!!


Gogeta.mpg Size:600kb

Goten and Trunks fusion: Gotenks Size:500kb

Goku is hit in a part no one likes to be badtreated!!! OUUCH!! Size:1100kb

Broly is killed by a big kamehameha and is driven off from the planet. Size: 700kb
Trunks turns SSJ and defends himself against a follower of Bojack. He punches that guy very badly. Size:999kb
Goku, just after transforming ssj4 for the first time, eliminates Vegeta Oozaruu in a matter of seconds.DBGT.


ss4golp.mpeg Size:850kb
Trunks tests Goku´s power by attacking him. But Goku realizes that Trunks has no evil intentions.


trunkgok.mpeg Size:500kb
Vegetto shows Buu his power by converting into ssj.


svegetto.mpeg Size:900kb

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